Environmental work LTV faculty

Last changed: 13 May 2024

Here you can read more about the local environmental management work being conducted by the LTV faculty.

More details about SLU’s comprehensive environmental work are available under Administrative support – environment. Here you can access SLU’s Environmental Handbook that contains information about the procedures and other documents that apply to all activities and organisations at the university. You can also read SLU’s overall environmental objectives and follow-ups and a wealth of other interesting information.

Environmental coordinators and environmental representatives annually inform the institutions about the environmental work. Presentation documents can be found under the reporting document.

Environmental group

Environmental coordinator


Mats Svensson, (Dep of infrastucture) phone: +46 (0)40-41 50 33

Environmental representatives

Amanda Gabriel (Dep. of People and Society)
Kristina Karlsson-Green (Dep. of Plant Protection Biology)
Anna Lindqvist (Dep. of Biosystems and Technology)
Emelie Ivarson (Dep. of Plant Breeding)
Anna Peterson (Dep. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management)
Karl-Erik Gustavsson (Dep of Plant Breeding/chemicals)
Alexandra Nikolic (field trials/Cultivation Unit)
Tove Stenius (Unit for collaboration and Development)
Sonja Trulsson (purchase)
Anna-Kari Trondman (Education)
Student representative ASK
Student representative LMK

Report enviromental matters

If you have any suggestions about how to reduce SLU’s environmental impact – or if you wish to draw attention to something that does not conform to SLU’s procedures – you can submit a report via SLU’s reporting system, IA.

Non-conformities and improvement proposals are important in order to identify what does not work or what can be improved within the operation to fulfil the continual improvement requirement in ISO 14001. Non-conformities are requirements that have not been fulfilled. This applies to requirements at all levels within the operation, i.e. instructions, objectives and policy. For example, a non-conformity can be that an instruction is not followed or that employees do not work according to an adopted policy.

NB: When reporting an environment-related issue, select Environment in under the What? drop-down menu. A second drop-down menu will appear below: Underhändelsetyp [Event] where you can select either Avvikelse [Non-conformity] or Förbättringsförslag [Improvement proposal].

Local environmental work in Skara