Local services

Last changed: 28 February 2023

Local services is an umbrella term for various duties or services that correspond to traditional janitorial services. In some cases, a service can be a one-time occurrence and subsequently ordered individually and to a required extent. In other cases, services are needed more continually. If so, an agreement can be drawn up.

Included local services

You can turn to local services for help with various issues or tasks, such as:  

  • assembling furniture and technological inventory;
  • smaller wood or metal constructions;
  • refurnishing;
  • changing lamps;
  • preparing conference rooms or kitchens;
  • supervision duties;
  • transport and orders;
  • goods entrance;
  • waste management, etc.;
  • restocking supplies.

In campus areas where there is a facility manager, local services are included in the service package for each service area. Click on the links below to see which services are offered in each area.

For other operations, needs are managed locally, but the Division of Infrastructure can supply expertise support. At the bottom of the page, contact details for further support and advice are listed.

Service Alnarp

Link to Service Alnarp

Fault reports and service requests Alnarp

Service Umeå

Link to Service Umeå

Fault reports and service requests Umeå

Service VHC

Link to Service VHC

Fault reports and service requests VHC

Service Ull (which also assists the library and Ulls hus, etc.)

Link to Service Ull.

Fault reports and service requests Ull

Other operations in Uppsala and the facilities management office in Ultuna 

In Uppsala, onsite services not included in any service package can be ordered thru our fault reporting form.

Service area Skara and other SLU sites

In Skara, there is a service organisation that supplies local services as listed above.

In the rest of the country, there are local solutions, but the Division of Infrastructure can always provide support and advice.

In addition to local services, the Division of Infrastructure supplies many other services. They are all available in our service catalogue.