Service catalogue

Last changed: 10 January 2022

This is SLU’s service catalogue, which is comprised of the services SLU offers internally. It can be used as support for discussions with various recipients, and it is only for internal SLU users. Content is not static, but flexible, in order for it to be possible to adjust it according to SLU’s changing needs. That way, the university maintains a service level that supports research and education in the best way.

The university offers the following service categories: SLU-compulsory services, standard services, additional services and extra services. Funding for the various services varies. Some services are funded through internal allocation, i.e. university funding, some through local service funding and some through selling. The funding principle is listed in the description of each service category.

The Division of Service, Security and Environment (SSM) is represented at SLU’s main sites, and is currently discussing the need for service areas, which can be a whole campus, a cluster of buildings or a single building. Discussions are being held between SSM, infrastructure councils (ISR), commissariat councils and building councils. The service scope for each service area is established through a documented service package.

If you have any questions about these services, see the contact details for each service area further down on the page.

SLU-compulsory services

This means services that are centrally funded if they are relevant to the site in question. Execution is often governed by laws, regulations, brand requirements, etc. Below are a few examples of such services.

More information regarding compulsory services

Department of services, security and environment

  • monitoring and security guards
  • fire safety
  • flags
  • managing obsolete computers
  • information security
  • chemicals management
  • crisis management
  • booking rooms
  • environmental management
  • staff security
  • mail management
  • risk management
  • perimeter protection
  • radiation safety
  • examination services
  • teaching services
  • switchboard.

Division of Real Estate Management

  • rent administration
  • room planning
  • outdoor environments
  • art management and administration.

Standard services

SLU’s main sites offer standard services. The service coordinator (FM) compiles compulsory services for everyone in a service area. Costs are divided in accordance with established keys.


Self-inspections of fire and person safety (fire extinguishers, eyewash stations, first aid locations, automated external defibrillator, etc.).

Service category: Standard service

Hazardous waste, including risk waste

Practical management in accordance with an agreement with the operation in question. However, the division/equivalent that produces the waste in question is responsible for documentation and following the law.

Service category: Standard service

Goods management and internal transport

Reception in the current goods entrance and internal distribution within the service area related to the consignment in question. Collection station for outgoing special consignments for a forwarding agent.

Service category: Standard service

Coffee services

Agreement management (leasing and service). Supplier contacts.
Consumption is added. Extra coffee services are invoiced.

Service category: Standard service

Onsite services

Traditional campus management, including change of lightbulbs, smaller moving services, internal distribution of e.g. fruit, newspapers, papers, change of locks, etc.

Service category: Standard service

Access card management

Requests and distribution of physical office keys, if available, for internal staff as well as access card management, including authorisation for external contractors.

Service category: Standard service

Service coordination

First SSM contact regarding questions about agreed-upon service packages and other services. Coordination of orders, deliveries, operation and service calls relating to agreements, and guarantee issue management. Administration of internal cost allocation, when needed. Compliance with SLU standards, where they exist (e.g. indoor signs) as well as tenant adjustments (HGA).

Service category: Standard service

Waste management (sorted materials)

Emptying of environmental stations and waste vessels as well as removal of waste to rubbish rooms. Local cleaning services.

Service category: Standard service

Water stations in lunchrooms

Supplier contacts, agreements and issues relating to the water stations in the buildings’ lunchrooms, which are included in the agreed-upon service package.

Extra water stations outside lunchrooms are available as an additional service.

Service category: Standard service

Additional services

The service coordinator (FM) compiles services used by few within a service area. Costs are divided between users (in accordance with a capital key agreement).

Central desk

Rounds, collection, dishes, autoclaving and delivery of various lab equipment and media. Service and supplier contact in relation to this equipment.

Service category: Additional service


Fruit services

Supplier contact, agreements and issues regarding the fruit baskets included in the agreed-upon service package.

Service category: Additional service

Gas management

Management and distribution of gas to users. General responsibility for gas.

Service category: Additional service

Fertiliser management

Daily rounds, service, cleaning and management of blockages, errors and services. Coordination of appropriate suppliers.

Service category: Additional service

Carcass management – weekdays

Management and removal of carcasses.

Service category: Additional service

Kitchen services

In accordance with an agreed-upon and documented standard for the service area. This service has been classed as compulsory at the service areas VHC and Ull in Uppsala. Therefore, it must be considered a standard service.

Service category: Additional service

Riding stable management

Riding stable and harrowed paddock riding stable management.

Service category: Additional service

Wastewater drain

In accordance with service description (SharePoint).

Service category: Additional service


Subscription and distribution, in accordance with agreed-upon service package, of the service area’s joint newspaper services.

Service category: Additional service

Teaching material storage

Material storage for practical teaching. Inventory and material management.

Service category: Additional service

Water stations

Supplier contact, agreements and issues relating to extra water stations in the buildings. Maintenance, inspection and management is carried out be an external supplier.

Service category: Additional service


Supplier contact, agreements and issues relating to indoor plants. Supplier costs are paid by the receiver through a direct invoice.

Service category: Additional service

Extra services

If necessary, the division also offers extra services connected to standard and additional services. These temporary services are invoiced per hour in accordance with the university’s annual document ”Utbud och prissättning” (offering and pricing – only in Swedish). When a subscribed standard or additional service cannot be carried out with personal resources, or without affecting ordinary operations negatively, the service is considered and charged as an extra service.

More information regarding extra services

  • catering
  • extra cleaning services
  • extra furnishing and resets
  • Repro and printing services
  • special consignments
  • transport outside of campus
  • laundry services – special and tough washes
  • additional SLU-compulsory services
  • other necessary services.

Other service needs

If you lack a certain service that you think the Division of Service, Security and Environment can help with, contact the service coordinator (FM) for your specific area. See contact details below.