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In case of an emergency

Dial 112 in the event of an emergency or if there is an immediate danger. Remember to inform your line manager. Dial 114 14 to contact the police in non-emergency situations. Dial 113 13 to access or provide information about non-emergency accidents or crises.

Report faults with premises

If you discover any general problems with buildings, service faults or if service is required, please submit a fault report. Here you can find information about reporting faults and the telephone number for the on-call service.

Contact a security guard

Read more about how to contact a security guard. You should contact a security guard if you discover any unlocked doors, feel unsafe or in the event of serious faults with a building (e.g., water leaks). Always dial 112 and ask for the police if you witness a crime being committed.


SLU has a whistleblowing function that is in place to manage cases of misconduct that may have a negative impact on public interest should they be revealed. You can report any misconduct here.

Use the IA system to report incidents and anomalies

  • Report incidents and environmental non-conformities – use this function to report incidents that could result in risk or danger to a person, property, organisation or outdoor environment. This includes incidents involving personal data or information security.

  • Report medical anomalies at UDS – use this function to report incidents that could result in risk or danger to animals, deviations from existing treatment or handling procedures for animals that are not related to work environment incidents or environmental non-conformities.

 Silhouette of a person pressing hands against a green pane of glass. Photo.
  • If you are the victim of a crime, report this to the police.
  • Notify the Swedish Work Environment Authority of any serious accidents in the workplace.
  • IT Report IT incidents affecting information security at SLU to the Division of IT.
  • Contact your line manager or equivalent in the event of discrimination or victimisation. You can also contact an HR officer, health and safety representative or your union representative.

Crisis and emergency management at SLU

You or your operations are affected by an unpredicted, serious incident that affects SLU as a public authority in a negative manner and which requires the university’s crisis team’s help?

Personal data breach

You have for example sent an email to the wrong person or done something else that means that personal data has been destroyed or ended up with an unauthorised person.

Published: 05 April 2024 - Page editor: infra-webb@slu.se

In the event of an emergency

Dial 112. Remember to notify your line manager.


For non-emergencies

Contact the police on 114 14


In the event of national crises and major accidents

Call the information line on 113 13