Important to think about during defenses

Last changed: 02 February 2024

In defenses, there are a number of technical things that you can think about, so that it can be carried out smoothly and flawlessly. Below are a number of things that you can think about so that your defense goes as smoothly as possible.

- Book a room for both technical review and defense at the same time

AV-stöd offers the service dissertation help. A technical test and review will then be booked, together with those who will participate in the defense.

The technique test and review are done at one time a few days before the actual defense. At the technology test, we go through the technology in the room and answer questions. Those who will participate remotely, have the opportunity to test connecting and test their camera, sound and connection in advance.

Therefore, it is important to try to book the venue for the technical briefing when you book the venue for the defense to be sure that a technical briefing can be held.

- Book technicians for defense assistance via the form in IT's self-service portal well in advance of the defense.

The defense assistance service costs SEK 1050 and then a technical test and review is booked a few days before the defense (about one hour). At the defense, we help to get started and we make sure that everything works, after that we are available on 018 - 67 66 00 tonval 2.

Dissertation assistance is booked via form:

Book help for dissertation - SLU Self-service

Submit the booking in good time before the defense to be sure that we will be available.

- Order a Zoom Webinar license if it is to be digital

If the defense is to be conducted with participants or viewers via link, Zoom Webinar must be used.

Zoom Webinar basically works like a normal Zoom Meeting, with the addition that you can spread a link for attendees. Suitable for public hearings, larger meetings and seminars where spectators must join and watch/listen but do not have to participate and present.

Licenses for Zoom Webinar are booked through AV support and that order is submitted via form:

Order a webinar license - SLU Self-service

Here you can read more about:

Zoom for dissertations

Zoom Webinar

- Appoint a person who will be responsible for contact with AV support and who will be responsible for the webinar.

To facilitate the defense and avoid technical confusion, AV support recommends appointing a person who has some technical knowledge to be in contact with AV support and is responsible for the Zoom webinar.

That person can AV support go through the fixed technology in the hall, how to connect the video conference systems to the Zoom webinar and how to administer the Zoom webinar.

This is then done during the technical review, if you book a defense assistance.

AV support will not administer the webinar during the defense, but will only assign a license to the person responsible for the webinar.