Zoom Webinar

Last changed: 05 March 2024

Zoom Webinar is well suited for public events or larger meetings where there are mainly a few people who will present and interact with each other in the form of a panel in front of an audience.

Some examples of such occasions can be dissertations, open seminars or meetings where the number of participants is estimated at between 50-10,000 people, where the focus is not on interaction between all participants. To be able to create and carry out a Zoom Webinar, a special license is required, more information about this can be found further down the page.

Comparison between Meeting and webinars

At a Zoom Webinar, the host has more control over the experience and controls what the meeting view looks like. The people on the panel (panelists) can use their microphone and webcam to talk and be seen in the picture, they can also share their screen. If necessary, the host can control these rights for the panel.

Other participants (attendees) connect without access to use their microphone, webcam or ability to share their screen. Participants can ask questions via a function called Q&A, Question & Answer, settings for this function are determined by the host. Participants can also write in a chat if allowed by the host. If the participants are to be able to see how many are participating, the cough must allow it to be shown to the participants.

The host may temporarily allow a participant to use their microphone to talk. If necessary, the participant can also be moved to the panel and can then get the same rights as the others in the panel.

You start or connect to a Zoom Webinar in the Zoom client or in the Zoom app in the same way as for a Zoom Meeting. Remember to log in to the Zoom client with SLU account via Single Sign-On, SSO.

Picture of a Zoom webinar

If you are interested in holding a Zoom Webinar, contact AV Support. There are a number of floating licenses for the Zoom Webinar 500, which are temporarily assigned to users to create and run a Zoom Webinar. If you need to carry out an event with more than 500 participants, contact AV support in good time and be clear about this in your request.


If you need help with Zoom, contact IT support via extension 6600 or support@slu.se

Links to guides

You can read more about Zoom Webinar on the pages below at Zoom. For a comparison of features between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar, follow the top link in the list below.