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Join us to discuss the importance of interdisciplinarity

Published: 24 August 2023
Students outdoors at campus Ultuna

Kick-off the autumn with a series of inspiring events about interdisciplinary research and education at SLU! Join us to discuss and immerse yourself in the role of interdisciplinary studies for SLU in the future. In September, there are four different events:

1 Sep: Futures for agriculture - what is the role for science?

Welcome to a half day colloquium on how presuppositions and values shape research on sustainable agriculture. With the three invited speakers, Anke Fischer, Martin van Ittersum and Christine Watson, we will investigate the role of science in discussions on sustainable agriculture, and how appreciation of the partiality and normativity of all research can stimulate a more transparent and fruitful role for science in public deliberation on sustainability in agriculture. 

1 Sep 13-16. Room W in Ulls hus, or Zoom. 

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5 Sep: Multifunctional landscapes and Futures of Agriculture

The thematic groups from the SLU Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) 2022/23 present their projects and finding.

5 sep kl 9-12. Room S at Campus Ultuna, or Zoom.

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5 Sep: SLU takes interdisciplinarity forward

How important is interdisciplinarity in research and education for SLU to achieve its strategic objective to play a key role in the transition to a sustainable society? What investments does SLU make to develop interdisciplinarity in research and education?

SLU's four Future Platforms invite all SLU personnel to a discussion with a focus on interdisciplinarity, where various initiatives are presented. Welcome to discuss, and exemplify with your own examples, how SLU can take interdisciplinarity forward in research and education.

The event will be held in Swedish. 

5 sep kl 13-16. Room S, Ulls hus, Campus Ultuna

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19-20 Sep: Researcher residency 

SLU's four Future Platforms invite senior as well as junior SLU researchers to join us at Philipsonska gården, Strängnäs for two days’ discussions on transdisciplinary research. We will be focusing on transdisciplinary research on sustainability combined with forestry, food production, urban landscapes and one health.

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