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SLU Urban Futures joins the Sea Forum of BoSS Malmö

Published: 06 December 2023
Three woman talking with water and house construction in the background.

The Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS) is a project funded under the call for the development of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) by the European Union. The project aims to promote renewed ethical and aesthetic regenerative development from a diverse range of dimensions of our relationship with the sea. From November 2023 SLU Urban Futures joins the Sea Forum of BoSS Malmö.

A sustainable, inclusive and beautiful future

Bauhaus of the Seas Sails (BoSS) is the sixth EU-funded Lighthouse project to develop Lighthouse Demonstrators within the EU's New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative and it will take place between January 2023 and December 2025.

Situated at the crossroads between art, culture, inclusion, citizenship, science and technology, the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails brings the European Green Deal to our coastal areas by calling for a collective effort to imagine and build a sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful future.

The vision of the Bauhaus of the Seas is to demonstrate and archive solutions for climate neutrality with a particular focus on coastal cities as an interface to healthy seas, ocean and water bodies envisioning a new triangle of sustainability, inclusion, and design focused on the most important global natural space – our water bodies. The question at the heart of the project is: how can we use culture and participation to promote regenerative relationships between European cities and the seas?

The project involves Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, with a total of 18 partners, together representing local authorities, universities and civil society organizations. The project is coordinated by the Interactive Technologies Institute of Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon.

Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Malmö

In Sweden, the partners that drive BoSS Malmö are the School of Arts and Communication (K3) and the Forum for Social Innovation Sweden at Malmö University, as well as the Marine Education Centre. These aim to create a new ocean culture in Malmö and want to do this in a way that aligns with the three NEB principles of sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics (arts and culture). They have therefore invited SLU Urban Futures - who contribute with transdisciplinary approaches to shape urban sustainability principles - to be part of their Sea Forum. The Sea Forum is made up of stakeholders working on at least one of the NEB principles and advises the pilot team on principle-alignment. The task of the Sea Forum is furthermore to develop a long-term strategy for the work that extends beyond the project's time frame and to help engage Ocean Ambassadors. The Ocean Ambassadors are actors who can create experiences where residents of Malmö gain new insights and feelings about the sea and the life that lives there.

The project is researched by Ann Light, Anna Seravalli and Anders Emilsson from the School of Arts and Communication (K3) at Malmö University.

Read more about Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Malmö here.

BoSS Malmö is looking for Ocean ambassadors

Are you great at involving different groups of residents in Malmö? Or working with arts and culture? Or facilitating nature and outdoor activities? Apply to the Open Call to become an Ocean Ambassador!

Those who are selected as Ocean Ambassadors will be part of creating a new ocean culture in Malmö and receive both coaching support as well as funding to develop and test different activities that give residents of Malmö a new relationship with the sea and life below the surface.

The deadline is the 7th of January 2024.

Read more about the call here


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