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Valerio Bartolino

Valerio Bartolino


My primary interest focuses on fisheries oceanography and fish population ecology. I investigate spatial and temporal dynamics of large fish populations in relation to landscape, climate variability, fisheries exploitation and density-dependent processes. Analytical aspects of my work concern the use of statistical models for quantification of ecological processes that regulate variability in marine populations.


Principles of Fisheries Science

Fisheries and Climate Change - in Climate Change and Society (NG0220)

Density-dependent habitat selection - in Fish and Fisheries Biology


Swedish Fisheries and Exploitation Patterns: towards a comprehensive characterization of the fine-scale spatiotemporal structure of fishing pressures

Waking the Deads - modeling long term temporal and spatial variations of historically targeted species from the eastern North Sea and the Baltic Sea using long time-series data

Scale related fisheries-induced depletion processes on fish populations using case studies from both the Bering Sea and the eastern North Sea

Density-dependent and density-independent habitat selection processes in flatfish species from the Bering Sea

Selected publications

Sundelöf A., Bartolino V., Ulmestrand M., Cardinale M. 2013. Multi-Annual Fluctuations in Reconstructed Historical Time-Series of a European Lobster (Homarus gammarus) Population Disappear at Increased Exploitation Levels. PloSOne 8, e58160.

Hornborg S., Belgrano A., Bartolino V., Valentinsson D., Ziegler F. 2013. Mean trophic level and primary production required in Swedish fisheries over a century: possibilities and limitations of the indicators. Biol. Lett. 9: 20121050.

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Bartolino V., Cardinale M., Svedang H., Linderholm W.H., Casini M., Grimvall A. 2012. Historical spatiotemporal dynamics of eastern North Sea cod. Can. J. Fish. Aq. Sci.,69: 833-841.

Feekings J., Bartolino V., Madsen N., Catchpole T. 2012. Fishery discards: factors affecting their variability within a demersal trawl fishery. PloSOne, 7: e36409.

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Bacheler N.M., Ciannelli L., Bailey K., Bartolino V. 2012. Do walleye pollock exhibit flexibility in where or when they spawn based on variability in water temperature? Deep Sea Res. II 65-70: 208-216.

Cardinale M., Svedang H., Bartolino V., Maiorano L., Casini M., Linderholm H. 2012. Spatial and temporal depletion of haddock and pollack during the last century in the Kattegat-Skagerrak. J. Appl. Ichthyol. 28: 200-208.

Bartolino V., Ciannelli L., Bacheler N.M., Chan K.S. 2011. Ontogenetic and sex specific differences in density-dependent habitat selection of a marine fish population. Ecology, 92: 189-200.

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Bartolino V., Colloca F., Taylor L., Stefansson G. 2011. First implementation of a Gadget model for the analysis of hake in the Mediterranean. Fish. Res. 107: 75-83.

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Casini M., Bartolino V., Molinero J.C., Kornilovs G. 2010. Linking fishery, trophic interactions and climate: threshold dynamics drive herring (Clupea harengus) growth in the central Baltic Sea. Mar. Ecol. Progr. Ser. 413: 241-252.


Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Institute of Marine Research, joint staff
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