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Fish and wildlife management

Fish and wildlife management can be improved by animal ecology research. At SLU, the research includes wildlife dynamics connected to feeding, ecological aspects on animal transfers and feeding, interactions between animals and plants, the effects of climate change on animals, humans and ecosystems. In the management hunting and fishing is included.

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Maja Malmberg

I'm fascinated by infectious diseases, in particular the agents causing the diseases and their interactions with the surrounding microorganisms. The overall aim of my research is to address questions

Vättern - förebild för framtidens fiskförvaltning

Ecosystem-based fisheries managements accounts for whole ecosystems and for those who affect and are affected by the ecosystems. Safeguarding viable ecosystems and fish stocks is seen as crucial in

Från datainsamling till råd - SLU bidrar till globalt hållbart fiske

Oceanic resources, in particular fisheries, are among the most important renewable resources around the globe. As population density and economic activity in the coastal zone are expected to increase

Daisuke Goto

Fish population ecology, food web ecology, and fisheries management My principal scientific interest and experience focus on understanding fisheries sustainability in an ecosystem context as part of

Anders Kagervall

I am working with research and environmental monitoring in the diadromous group at Institute of Freshwater Research, Drottningholm. I’m working primarily with scientific questions and environmental

Hyenas and wild bees - students talk about their thesis projects in our podcast

Genetic markers in hyenas and the impact of forestry on wild bees. The podcast Wild Research Bites is back with an episode with two master's students who talk about their thesis projects. Listen

Julia Jansson

I am a Ph.D. student part of the Molecular Ecology Group. We study the genetics and ecology of wild vertebrate populations using molecular methods. My current focal species are ungulates and their

Rovfisk ger friska vikar

Along parts of the Baltic Sea coast, stocks of large predatory fish such as perch, pike and cod have decreased considerably in recent decades. Now, new results from a major ecosystem study show that

Rob van Gemert

Dr. Rob van Gemert handles the assessment of the Swedish component of the European eel stock, and has been employed at SLU Aqua in Stockholm since 2021. My research focusses on stock assessment and

New web page for visualizing animal movement

SLU WRAM has a new website for visualizing the movement of animals based on data from GPS sensors. Currently moose and deer are possible to track, but in autumn 2021 also wolfs in “vargwebb”. All

Sara Bergek

I am a researcher at SLU Aqua. My research focus is on stock assessment, environmental impact and ecosystem based fisheries management. Since July 2018 I am head of the Institute of Freshwater