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Zoology is the branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom, including zoophysiology, morphology, ornithology and entomology.

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Aneesh Bose

aneesh.bose@slu.se I am a behavioural ecologist who studies a wide variety of aquatic animals. I use controlled laboratory studies, extensive field work and scientific SCUBA diving to understand how

Lars Sonesten

lars.sonesten@slu.se I am a limnologist and ecotoxicologist working mainly with water chemistry and biology in inland waters. I am also working with the inputs of nutrients and hazardous substances

SILVA PhD Course - Monitoring Biodiversity for Science and Conservation

SILVA PhD course - Monitoring Biodiversity for Science and Conservation navinder.singh@slu.se SILVA – Faculty of Forest Sciences Research School Umeå Free nasi

New films prove that wild stingrays voluntarily make noise

Sharks, rays, and skates – elasmobranchs – are generally thought to be unable to intentionally make noise, but new research suggests that this is a misconception. Researchers from Sweden, Spain and

NordCAW seminar 2022

NordCAW seminar 2022 elin.spangenberg@slu.se This years NordCAW seminar will be held on November 30, in Tartu Estland. The theme for the seminar is “Animal welfare conflicts, aims and challenges

Anika Gossmann

anika.gossmann@slu.se I am a PhD student studying the effect of microclimate on saproxylic beetles and fungi Climate change will have severe effects on pest management and conservation of

Christopher Griffiths

christopher.griffiths@slu.se My work explores the structure, function and composition of food webs. I'm particularly interested in the scaling of ecology and how we can use information gained at the

Niklas Sjöberg

I have studied biology at Gothenburg and Stockholm University. In addition to working as a fisheries biologist at SLU Aqua in Drottningholm, I am a fisheries officier at the County Administrative

Sara Capitan

sara.capitan@slu.se PhD Student | Biology My research is in ecology with a focus on plant-organismal interactions. Currently I study circular resource use in cricket (Acheta domesticus) rearing and

Max Lindmark

max.lindmark@slu.se Hello! I am a postdoc in marine ecology at the Institute of Marine Research in Lysekil since June 2020. Interested in fisheries ecology. From Gothenburg. I enjoy cycling long

Naomi L.P. Keehnen

I am an evolutionary biologist and use ecological & evolutionary genomics to investigate adaptations within the immune system in wild insect populations. My main research interest lies in the

Nicholas Scaramella

I am a Ph.D. student working on host-parasite interactions with the European Honeybee, and its ectoparasite, the Varroa mite. We are in a unique position to have access to a special population of