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Zoology is the branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom, including zoophysiology, morphology, ornithology and entomology.

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Lara Zacari Fanali

lara.zacari.fanali@slu.se Postdoctoral researcher working with zebrafish embryo acute toxicity test (ZFET). I have a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences, a Master and Ph.D. degrees in Animal

Eli Thoré

eli.thore@slu.se Eli Thoré is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies. He is an aquatic ecologist with a broad interest in how the environment

Jörgen Wiklund

jorgen.wiklund@slu.se I am employed as a research engineer and photographer at the department, and am linked to the aquatic activities. My tasks are to assist researchers with various types of

Jake Martin

jake.martin@slu.se I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The overarching goal of my

Aneesh Bose

aneesh.bose@slu.se I am a behavioural ecologist who studies a wide variety of aquatic animals. I use controlled laboratory studies, extensive field work and scientific SCUBA diving to understand how

Mattias Sköld

mattias.skold@slu.se Mattias main research interests are benthic ecology, ecosystem effetcs of fisheries and marine conservation. He is also Research co-ordinator for the research vessel RV Svea.

Mariana Pires Braga

mariana.pires.braga@slu.se I am a postdoc at the Department of Ecology, studying how ecological networks evolve. Butterflies and their host plants are my favourite biological system. I am Brazilian

Mapping the genome of the unique heath hare of southern Sweden

The heath hare is a subspecies of the mountain hare found in southern Sweden. Its winter pelage is blue-grey instead of white. Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the

NordCAW seminar 2022

NordCAW seminar 2022 elin.spangenberg@slu.se This years NordCAW seminar will be held on November 30, in Tartu Estland. The theme for the seminar is “Animal welfare conflicts, aims and challenges

Emil Andersson

emil.andersson@slu.se I work in two related projects that concern red wood ants (the Formica rufa group) and forestry, together with Emma Holmström. One project deals with the survival of red wood

Peter Halvarsson

peter.halvarsson@slu.se Peter Halvarsson has a doctorate in population biology and is working as a researcher in parasitology. I am also representative for environmental group at the department for

Lars Sonesten

lars.sonesten@slu.se I am a limnologist and ecotoxicologist working mainly with water chemistry and biology in inland waters. I am also working with the inputs of nutrients and hazardous substances