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Zoology is the branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom, including zoophysiology, morphology, ornithology and entomology.

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Bruno Esattore

bruno.esattore@slu.se I am a postdoctoral researcher with a background in animal behavior, and a particular focus on cervids. I have worked on several species of cervids, on topics spacing between

Örjan Östman

orjan.ostman@slu.se My research interests span spatio-temporal environmental effects on eco-evolutionary dynamics of populations, population structure and distributions, and species interactions in

Fredrik Widemo

fredrik.widemo@slu.se Fredrik Widemo is an Associate professor in animal ecology and senior lecturer with extension responsibilities in Wildlife-Forest interactions. Furthermore, Fredrik Widemo is a

Gersey Vargas

gersey.vargas.rivera@slu.se Gersey Vargas is a PhD researcher that is addressing questions related to how horse grazing shapes the insect and plant communities of semi-natural grasslands. He is

Carl-Gustaf Thulin

carl-gustaf.thulin@slu.se Researcher, Department of Animal Biosciences Researcher (Associate Professor) at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Focus on evolutionary genetics,

Kjell Danell

kjell.danell@slu.se Professor emeritus in Wildlife Ecology at the Faculty of Forest Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå. Research discipline: Animal Ecology.

Nolan J Rappa

nolan.rappa@slu.se Postdoctor at the department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies researching forest insect pollinator communities. I am interested in (but not limited to) forest insect

Lars Sonesten

lars.sonesten@slu.se I am a limnologist and ecotoxicologist working mainly with water chemistry and biology in inland waters. I am also working with the inputs of nutrients and hazardous substances

Desirée Guidobaldi Stenbacka

desiree.guidobaldi@slu.se I am currently undertaking a Ph.D. within wildlife movement ecology, investigating which landscape structure affects how herbivores use multifunctional forests, linked to

Marcus Michelangeli

marcus.michelangeli@slu.se I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow in the Aquatic Ecology research group at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden. My research

Lovisa Hökby

lovisa.hokby@slu.se PhD student in zoonotic disease ecology. My research aims to examine beavers' impact on pathogen load in boreal wetlands.

Yonas Meheretu

yonas.meheretu@slu.se I specialize on the ecology of small mammals, population dynamics, habitat use and risks they pose to human health and agriculture. ·        Evolutionary Ecology ·