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Betty Ehnvall

Betty Ehnvall
In my research I try to answer the question how boreal mire characteristics are defined by ecohydrological settings of the mire catchments. The objective is to scale nutrient regimes and peat accumulation rates using LiDAR derived mire and catchment characteristics.


High latitude peatlands cover 3 % of the global land area, but store up to 25 % of the total soil carbon. These ecosystems provide important feedback mechanisms in the global carbon cylce. The objective of my research is to relate LiDAR derived mire catchment charachteristics to mire nutrient regime, peat growth rate and plant community compostion. 

The study area is located in the coastal area north of Umeå, Sweden. In the area new land is continuously rising from the sea due to isostatic rebound. This provides a unique study area in the form of a mire chronosequence where mire properties are changing with altitude and distance from the present coastline.

By understanding fundamental processes in boreal peatlands and by finding ways of upscaling these processes using GIS techniques, we are able to integrate boreal peatlands better in global climate models. A deeper understanding of these ecosystems will also help us tackle possible environmental changes, eg. changes in climate and land use, that might affect these sensitive ecosystems.    


2017  MSc in Soil Science (Soil and Water Management, Swedish University of            Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala): Organic Matter Properties and Their Relation to Phosphorus and Nitrogen Concentrations in Swedish Agricultural Streams

2015  MSc in Biology (Environmental Biology, University of Helsinki, Helsinki): Acidity caused nitrous oxide reductase inhibition and its impact on nitrous oxide emissions from acid sulfate soils, in Swedish

2013  Exchange studies (University College Cork, Cork)

2013  BSc in Biology (University of Helsinki, Helsinki)


Doctoral Student at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff
Postal address:
Skogens ekologi och skötsel
901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd 17, Umeå