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Anna Edvardsson Rasmussen

Anna Edvardsson Rasmussen
PhD student at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management. Working in the Project "Individually adapted lactations lengths" (INDILACT).


The aim of the project is to develop tools which can be used for individually adapted lactation lengths based on the biological conditions of the cow. The goal is to improve the health, welfare and fertility of the cows and at the same time increase the productivity of the dairy herd for a more sustainable milk production.


Referencegroup: Ann-Theres Persson, Växa Sverige, Carl Oskar Paulrud, DeLaval, Hans Stålhammar, Viking Genetics and Hans Andersson, Department of Economics, SLU


Have been supervisor for one master thesis, see link below.


Postdoctor at the Department of Clinical Sciences; Division of Reproduction
Telephone: +4618672813
Postal address:
Box 7024
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala