2 Jul
5 Jul

Surabaya, Indonesia


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Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2024 will be the next chance for the international aquaculture community to visit Indonesia and see the rapidly expanding aquaculture industry in Indonesia – nearly 20% increase in the last 5 years in hectares in aquaculture production and over 50% per year increase in tons produced every year for the last 10 years

Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2024 is the place to learn about the latest in aquaculture, see the newest technology in the trade show with exhibits from around the world and enjoy the many tourist sites in Indonesia.

Prof. Kartik Baruah and Researcher Parisa Norouzitallab at SLU, will chair the sessions on "Fish Nutrition" and Dietary Requirement" and "Shrimp Genetics and Breeding". Additionally, both of them will give oral presentations of their scientific papers on: 
i) Healthy Starts: Integrating Stressceuticals In Fish And Shrimp Larval Management (by Kartik et al). 
ii) From Genes To Traits: Epigenetics In Fish And Shellfish Broodstock Management (Parisa et al).

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Time: 2024-07-02 - 2024-07-05
City: Surabaya, Indonesia