4 Jun

Biskopgatan 3, Lund, Lund

Coastal Perspectives – an exhibition on the challenges and possibilities in the ever-changing coastal landscapes

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Opening of the exhibition Coastal Perspectives at the Pufendorf Institute in Lund. A collaboration between SLU and Lund University.

If you are travelling this summer, and perhaps in the vicinity of Lund on the 4th of June, then I'd suggest a visit to the Pufendorf Institute's garden, for a very special opening!

Free entrance and refreshments!

The exhibition raises several questions: What values are important to preserve or develop along our coasts? What time perspectives should be considered when planning or changing the coast? How do we make decisions when we do not know how fast sea levels will rise, how future generations will use the coast, and what future priorities will be?

Read more and register here: Vernissage för "Kustperspektiv" – en utställning om det föränderliga kustlandskapets utmaningar och möjligheter  | PUFENDORFINSTITUTET (lu.se) 


Time: 2024-06-04 12:00 - 13:00
City: Lund
Location: Biskopgatan 3, Lund
Organiser: Pufendorf Institute at Lund University
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