Webinar: Land Degradation & Healthy Soils

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Welcome to a webinar, hosted by the research programme EJP SOIL, about land degradation and how it can be monitored at an EU level.

This webinar will aim to bring together scientists and policy stakeholders to discuss key issues around land degradation and how it can be monitored.

Different options for monitoring and reporting on progress towards soil helath are now under discussion within the EU, towards the preparation of the EU Soil Health Law which will be presented by the EU Commission in June 2023. There is an urgent need to share a common methodological approach and to adopt a common glossary, which will be discussed during this webinar.

The webinar will include speakers and presentations from JRC, EUSO, DG Environment, DG Agriculture and Rural Development and UNCCD among others. 

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9.30 EJP SOIL Programme and
the initiatives on Land degradation

Claire Chenu - INRAE

9.50 First session

Facilitators: David Wall - TEAGASC & Anna Luise - ISPRA

Monitoring considerations for the Soil Health law proposal
Mirco Barbero - DG ENV

What are the connections between CAP and Soil Health Law
Matthias-Leonhard Maier - DG AGRI

EUSO and its soil health indicator dashboard
Luca Montanarella - JRC

UNCCD and Agenda 2030 methodological approach to land degradation monitoring and evaluation
Neil Sims - CSIRO

11.10 Virtual coffee break

11.30 Second session: proposals and needs

Facilitators: Francesca Assennato - ISPRA & Giovanni Dara Guccione - CREA

What is it and how is it monitored?
Barron Joseph Orr - UNCCD, Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN)

Soil Health actions in EU: compatibility with LDN
Ichsani Wheeler - OpenGeoHub

Farmers point of view
Copa Cogeca

Bundles and indicators of Soil-based ecosystem services and soil threats from SERENA project
Isabelle Cousin - INRAE

LIFE Newlife4drylands Project
Cristina Tarantino - CNR

Land degradation and desertification Living labs
Pier Paolo Roggero - UNISS, Salam Med Project (PRIMA)

13.10 Mentimeter session

Facilitator: Avion Phillips - TEAGASC & Francesca Assennato - ISPRA