19 May

Crafoordsalen (Crafoord Hall), Alnarp, Online

Healthier plants with the help of Biologicals?

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There is a growing demand to reduce many of the chemicals used in agriculture to make production of food and plant-based material more sustainable. Biologicals are compounds that can increase growth and improve crop health and ensure a healthier environment.

In this short online seminar, we highlight different aspects and use of biologicals in agriculture, and how enabling policies can enhance their uptake. Are biologicals sustainable alternatives to conventional crop protection products in agriculture?

Invited speakers are Professor Laura Grenville-Briggs (SLU), Professor Jean Yong (SLU) and Dr Ivan Rwomushana (CABI).

Host: Erik Alexandersson (SLU)


Time: 2020-05-19 14:30 - 16:00
City: Online
Location: Crafoordsalen (Crafoord Hall), Alnarp
Organiser: SLU & CABI


Erik Alexandersson
Researcher at the Department of Plant Protection Biology
+4640-415338, erik.alexandersson@slu.se