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Horticultural science

Horticulture includes professional growing of vegetables in fields or in greenhouses, as well as of fruit, berries, mushrooms and ornamental trees and plants. Storing, distribution and marketing of the products are also included. Horticulture also deals with leasure time gardening.

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Native Trees and Pollinators: The ecological consequences of non-native trees in cities anni.hoffren@slu.se Landscape Management Subject Group invites you to an open lecture with Johan Kjellberg

25th Biennial International Plant Resistance to Insects Workshop (25IPRI)

25th Biennial International Plant Resistance to Insects Workshop (25IPRI) fredrik.reslow@slu.se Welcome to the 25th Biennial International Plant Resistance to Insects Workshop (25IPRI) to be held

Annie Drottberger

Annie Drottberger is a PhD student in Horticultural Science especially Business Administration at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Biosystems and Technology in

Fredrik Fernqvist

fredrik.fernqvist@slu.se Senior lecturer and researcher in horticultural economics and business administration. PhD in Horticultural Science, especially business administration. Research areas:

Flies can be manipulated to protect crops

Listen to Paul Becher , researcher at the Department of Plant Protection Biology , talking about his current research on flies. He describes how they can be used as an important tool to control pests

Sebastian Larsson Herrera

sebastian.larsson.herrera@slu.se I work in insect chemical ecology. Focusing on constructing analytical workflows and analysing data in R for behavioral, genetical and olfactory response data. I

New name for the Departement AEM

Let us present our new and powerful name! Department of People and Society – we research and teach environmental psychology, business management and advisory services At the turn of the year, the

Samia Samad

Molecular biologist by training with experience in plant genetics and biotechnology. I am passionate about using molecular tools to improve traits of interest in economically important crops. This

Hildegun Nilsson Varhelyi

hildegun.nilsson-varhelyi@slu.se I am a working professional in landscape architecture and graphic design, currently holding a position as an adjunct professor at the Department of Urban and Rural

Malin Hultberg

malin.hultberg@slu.se Malin Hultberg (Assoc. Prof) is an applied microbiologist working at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden. She did her PhD on biocontrol and the use

Kimmo Rumpunen

I am a researcher and plant breeder at the Department of Plant Breeding, responsible for breeding of apples, black currants and sea buckthorn. I have a great interest in plant domestication and

Karl-Johan Bergstrand

karl-johan.bergstrand@slu.se https://slubar1.slu.se/cnv/format/pers?q=email:Karl-Johan.Bergstrand@slu.se&lang=se&rows=10000&sortorder=publication_year&format=cv