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Horticultural science

Horticulture includes professional growing of vegetables in fields or in greenhouses, as well as of fruit, berries, mushrooms and ornamental trees and plants. Storing, distribution and marketing of the products are also included. Horticulture also deals with leasure time gardening.

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New handbook on mycorrhizae

Symbiosis between plants and mycorrhiza-forming fungi can contribute ecosystem services such as improved plant nutrient supply and increased tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress. New handbook on

Malin Hultberg

malin.hultberg@slu.se Malin Hultberg (Assoc. Prof) is an applied microbiologist working at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden. She has been involved in research,

Sabine Jordan

sabine.jordan@slu.se Physical Geographer and Agronomist, Postgraduate. Research Interests Consequences of peatland restoration for hydrochemistry, C, N and P balances, greenhouse gas emissions and

Beneficial fungi can protect coffee plantations against serious plant disease

Coffee wilt disease cause great harvest losses in Ethiopia. Now, researchers from SLU and Ethiopia have developed, formulated and evaluated a range of biofungicides against the disease in the lab, in

Urban Forests - Green & Blue Infrastructure for Urban Health and Well-Being

Green & Blue Infrastructure for Urban Health and Well-Being hanna.weiber.post@slu.se The spring semester's third and last webinar in the series on urban forests, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and

Annie Drottberger

annie.drottberger@slu.se I am a lecturer and hold a PhD in Horticultural Science especially Business Administration at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Biosystems

Karl-Johan Bergstrand

karl-johan.bergstrand@slu.se Programme director of studies, Horticultural Science - Master's programme Course leader/examiner: BI1143, TD0012 Examiner: BI1233 Assisting course leader: TN0327

Håkan Asp

andrus.kangro@slu.se I am a researcher and teacher in horticultural science. My research concerns mainly plant nutrition in various horticultural production systems. Another research field regards

Edoardo Piombo

edoardo.piombo@slu.se I am a bioinformatician skilled in data mining and visualization. I have experience in working with high-throughput sequencing data coming from genome, transcriptome or

Maria Hellström

maria.hellstrom@slu.se Ph.D. student within the Microbial Horticulture group at the department of Biosystems and Technology. I am currently working on my thesis project where the focus is on the

Kamil Chojnowski

kamil.chojnowski@slu.se BSc in Landscape Architecture, University of Life Sciences in Lublin (2014) Msc in Landscape Architecture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2020)

Fredrik Fernqvist

fredrik.fernqvist@slu.se Senior lecturer and associate professor, horticultural economics and business administration. PhD in Horticultural Science, especially business administration. Research