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Annual meeting SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School 2023

Annual meeting SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School 2023 katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the first annual meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School The first annual meeting

Network symposium

Networking symposium on plant protection and forest damage katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to a networking symposium arranged by SLU Plant Protection Network and SLU Forest Damage Centre for staff

Cassandra investigates climate change impacts on predators and pest control services

Cassandra Vogel started her two-year post doc at SLU in May 2023. She will investigate how resilient natural enemies and their pest control services are to disturbances. The aim is to contributes to

Symposium dedicated to millets

Symposium dedicated to millets malin.planting@slu.se The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2023 the International year of millets: "Millets are among the first plants to be domesticated

Kommunikatör vill lyfta SLU Skogsskadecentrums arbete

In mid-August, Theres Svensson took up her position as communications officer at the SLU Forest Damage Centre. She now wants to highlight the centre's important work and spread knowledge about forest

Fighting plant disease - resilience and resistance

Lunch seminar: Fighting plant disease - pest resilience and resistance katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to a digital lunch seminar with Erik Andreasson from the Department of Plant Protection Biology

Connect with fellow researchers in plant protection and forest damage!

Are you seeking new partners for collaboration at SLU with complementary expertise? Are you curious about other individuals at SLU who are engaged in the realm of plant protection and forest damage?

Ramesh wants to use biocontrol for more resilient agricultural systems

Ramesh Vetukuri is the newest researcher at the SLU Centre of Biological Control, CBC. His specialty is novel and sustainable methodologies to enhance plant yield, while effectively managing disease

Political deafness may impede transition to biological control

The EU Commission has proposed a new Regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products. One of its goals is that chemical control has largely been replaced with biological control not

Call to attend conferences in plant protection

The SLU Plant Protection Network is launching a special call for researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) for attending conferences relevant to their study subject or

Registration Agri4D

On 26-28 September, the Agri4D 2023 conference will gather people dedicated to agriculture for development from across the world. The focus of this year’s conference is how we can shape sustainable

Crop protection futures in agriculture-en

Crop protection futures in agriculture futurefood@slu.se Crop production is the vital basis for our food system, but the current set up is highly dependent on inputs of chemical pesticides and