Education officers

Last changed: 16 January 2024

What does an education officer work with at the LTV faculty?

  • Supports the programme director of studies and vice-dean (first and second cycle)
  • Supports the vice-dean (third cycle)
  • Manages administration at the education program level and the individual level (first and second cycle), such as programme syllabuses
  • Manages administrations of both course and individual matters (third cycle)
  • Acts as the secretary of the programme board for education within landscape and horticulture (PN-LT) and doctoral education committee (FUN at the LTV Faculty)
  • Has a profound knowledge about laws and regulations relating to education
  • Organizes teacher lunches (on hold 20/21)
  • Participates in SLU overall projects concerning harmonization of education administration



Helena Elofsson, Education officer, phone +46 40 -41 5463

Landscape Engineer - Alnarp, Landscape Architecture - Alnarp and the master programmes Landscape Architecture, Food and Landscape and Sustainable Urban Management (in Swedish). 


Nicklas Karlsson picture

Nicklas Karlsson, Education officer, phone +46 40 -41 5069

Landscape Engineer - Uppsala, Landscape Architecture - Uppsala and the master programmes Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation and Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being. Horticultural Management – Garden Design (BSc).

Lotta Malmborg, Faculty officer, phone +46 40-41 5025

Doctoral education. Secretary in the Doctoral education committee (FUN) and in the Docent board.


Boel Sandskär, Faculty officer, phone +46 40-41 5082

Secretary in the Programme board for education within landscape and horticulture.



photo Karoline SchuaKaroline Schua, Education officer, phone +46 40-41 5034

Horticultural Science, Horticultural Management – Gardening and Horticultural Production, and the Master's Programmes; Agroecology, Horticultural Science and Plant Biology for Sustainable Production.


In Alnarp there are other educational programmes managed by respective faculty office.  See- NJ-faculty  - S-fakulteten.


Education Centre
Postal address: Box 190, 234 22 Lomma
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 4, Alnarp