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Last changed: 21 December 2023
Photo of dean Christina Lunner Kolstrup

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing, and well-deserved summer break – despite the rain and bad weather. In any case, we have experienced a very nice late summer with sunny days.

The semester started with the inauguration of two inspiring and beautiful photo exhibitions on our campus: An Eye for Science (SLU's own exhibition about us and for us) until 15 september and SURR (Pollinera Sverige) until 29 September. You can now find An Eye for Science at the web link as above and SURR outside Alnarpsgården along the red building. Pay a visit and enjoy :-)

Hopeful new students have arrived on campus

Welcome all students to Campus Alnarp. It's wonderful to see the buzz of excited students starting at SLU, or continuing their studies here. We hope you will enjoy your studies and our beautiful campus. Although the number of admitted new students could have been higher, we have hopes for the coming years. We will work strategically with active regional marketing to attract students to our highly relevant degree programmes.

Our research gains momentum

It is with great pleasure that we note that 2023 has seen a substantial influx of approved research projects in our departments. This is despite the government's rather sudden decision to withdraw funding for development research earlier this year, which has had a significant impact on SLU. The Swedish Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions (SUHF, where institutions are represented by their vice-chancellors) has put considerable effort into engaging with the government, and we are still awaiting the results. However, we look forward to exploring alternative sources of funding in collaboration with SLU Global and the Grants Office.

In June 2022, the government established an investigation, FoFin, to review the Swedish research funding system. Preliminary results from the investigation were presented in Almedalen by Ingrid Pettersson. The investigation proposes a future Swedish research funding system that would consist of three pillars: an agency for scientific research, a strategic research agency and an innovation agency, with possible implementation no earlier than 2028. This could mean that twenty research funding agencies would become three, with clearer coordination, roles and responsibilities and an application system. We’ll have to wait and see what the government decides, and the final word on this has most likely not been spoken. However, we know what we can do, and what we contribute with our research, and we will continue to strive forward.

Campus development

We have exciting times ahead of us in developing our campus (more on campus development). There is a great deal of commitment among our staff, and the competence groups have contributed their incredibly valuable competence.

The appointed architect, Paul Kvanta, has been tasked with drafting an initial proposal for a possible new building in the Vegetum-Horticum complex (Western node), which we look forward to soon being able to share.

The departments have been involved in preparing data for financial sustainability analyses as an important tool for raising awareness of future rental costs. There will be three nodes on Campus Alnarp: the Western node (Vegetum-Horticum), the Eastern node (Alnarpsgården), and the Castle (more about the nodes).

Zeal and Integrity in the Kingdom’s Service

On 10 November, this award will be presented to those who have worked in government service for 30 years or have reached retirement age after 25 years in government service. The vice-chancellor and director of human resources will be in Alnarp for the ceremony on 10 November. We are also planning some local festivities in connection with this, more information to follow.

Information from the faculty office

Our highly appreciated head of faculty administration for many years, Margit Nothnagl, has chosen to pursue new challenges and has taken up a post as administrative director at MAX IV in Lund. The recruitment of a new head of faculty administration is in progress, and for now, Tomas Österman has been appointed acting head.

Our talented faculty programme director, Annica Thomsson, has taken up a new position as programme planner with Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering. The recruitment of a new programme director is underway, and we hope to fill the position shortly.

There has also been a change in leadership at the Unit for Collaboration and Development. Kristina Santen (Tintin), who has been a highly appreciated head of unit, has chosen to follow her dreams and started the degree programme in psychology at Lund University at the end of August. Ida Andersson has been appointed acting head of unit.

Enjoy the beautiful late summer weather and the colours of autumn!

Kind regards,




Christina Lunner Kolstrup
Dean at the faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science

Telephone: +4640415494, +46730881634