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Vision Alnarp

A unique, green hub for cutting-edge research, education and innovation. A campus for regional, national and global sustainable development collaboration.

The castle of Alnarp with the park in the front.

Campus is developing

The planning for the future is currently underway, focusing on how Alnarp can evolve based on its core activities. This includes both its physical environment and how education, research, collaboration, and communication can support SLU's main mission.

New premises

SLU's operations in Alnarp are expanding and in need of several facilities. Planning is underway for both new facilities and the renovation of existing ones.

A building with a lawn i the front

Campus plan Alnarp

During 2024 to March 2025, a project to update the Alnarp campus plan is underway. The project is carried out in collaboration with Akademiska hus and is managed by a joint project management.

aerial photo of Alnarp

Other development projects

There are many projects in addition to new premises, including the Alnarp train station and the relocation of fruit and berry processing from Balsgård.

A train is running through the landscape. Photo: Lars Dareberg

Governance and Organisation

Steering committees, project groups, forums, and meetings. Here you can read about how the development work is governed and managed

picture of a hand holding a compass


Published: 24 May 2024 - Page editor: anna.bleckert@slu.se