By-election for the Faculty Board 2022-2024

Last changed: 10 July 2023

On June 8 this year, the Faculty Board decided on a by-election for the Faculty Board when two members resigned from their positions.

The two previously appointed deputies became regular members in accordance with the board's delegation procedure (, sid 9–10).

By-elections are now being announced for two deputies to the Faculty Board 2022-2024.

Two persons are available in the election. See their presentations here.

The election is important, since the result will decide who of the candidates that becomes first and second deputy, respectively.

Important dates

26 september - 3 oktober 2022
Election period

28 september, kl 08.00-09.00
Hearing of nominated candidates. Link will be sent to you via e-mail.

The nomination committes members and deputies

Nominated from and 2021-05-05, but no longer than 2024-05-31

  • Georg Carlsson, chairman, personal deputy Andrus Kangro
  • Sonja Trulsson, personal deputy Caroline Dahl
  • Anna Bengtsson, personal deputy Mats Gyllin
  • Stefan Sundblad, personal deputy Arne Nordius
  • Andrew Butler, personal deputy Ulla Myhr
  • Ramesh Vetukuri, personal deputy Therese Bengtsson
  • Kristina Karlsson Green, personal deputy, vacant

A deputy only enter if the ordinary member resigns from the nomination committee.