Staff survey 2021: Are you happy at SLU?

Last changed: 06 September 2021

During the period of 20th January to 3rd February 2021, SLU will conduct another round of the Staff Survey. Staff who responded to previous surveys in 2016 and 2018 will be familiar with the setup.

The work to implement the survey is done at the Division of Human Resources. You can read more about the process here.

Why conduct a staff survey?

The staff survey is part of the systematic work environment management and promotion of equal opportunities. It is also a way to sound out the current situation at SLU and is a basis for continuing efforts to develop the university’s reputation as a good employer. We are collaborating with the same company and the questions are generally the same as in the previous surveys. This enables us to see if the measures we have since implemented have had an effect.

How has the survey been designed?

The Staff Survey looks at four primary areas:

  • The work climate: Staff experiences of the psychosocial work environment, looking at elements such as participation, influence, social support and workload.
  • Leadership: How do staff feel about the way their managers run operations and activities? Do staff have confidence in their managers and see them as positive role models? Do the managers help with staff development? Do managers appreciate their staff and give feedback?
  • Organisation: How successful is SLU in regards to culture, information flows and fair treatment?
  • Goals and strategy: How do staff view and contribute to the organisation’s tasks and goals?

Additional questions will be asked, alongside some concluding questions.

The survey will be conducted online and can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile device.

Who can respond?

All staff working 40% or more and who have been at SLU for a minimum of six months will be invited to respond to the survey. Doctoral students funded by scholarships who have conducted active research studies over the past six months will also be included, as well as staff who have been on sick leave for up to 3 months.

Eligible participants will be sent an email containing a personal link to the survey. A regular letter will be posted to participants who are included but are unable to monitor their email inbox.