SLU’s contributions to Agenda 2030

Last changed: 22 April 2022

We have compiled a list of examples of SLU’s contributions to the sustainable development goals and Agenda 2030. These examples come from our work as an organisation, collaborations with others, and our research, education, and environmental monitoring and assessment.

Strategic specialisation in sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of SLU and one focus area of our 2021–2025 strategy is the university’s next step towards sustainable development.

The SLU Strategy: 1. Visions and overarching strategies | staff pages

SLU has created a policy for its global contributions to Agenda 2030. It focuses on climate change, food security, a circular and biobased economy, biodiversity and ecosystems, global health, and sustainable urban development.

SLU’s policy: New policy for SLU’s global contribution to Agenda 2030 | staff pages.

SLU in The Times Higher Education Impact Rankings: SLU performs well in global sustainability ranking.


SLU’s courses and programmes provide all students with the tools and knowledge they need to contribute to sustainable development.

First, second and third-cycle courses and programmes at SLU: Programmes and courses |

All freestanding courses at SLU: Freestanding courses |

SLU’s research schools: Research schools | staff pages

Third-cycle (doctoral) courses: Doctoral courses | staff pages



The SLU library has created an online tool that categorises SLU’s scientific publications and reports by their link to the sustainable development goals:
Scientific publications by SDG |

Environmental monitoring and assessment

Environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) creates information that supports Sweden’s work with the sustainable development goals. SLU works to make data about the environment available to all.

Read more about environmental monitoring and assessment at SLU and access species and environmental data: Environmental monitoring and assessment |

Collaboration for sustainable development

SLU Global reflects, supports and develops SLU’s work for sustainable global development. 

Read more about SLU Global’s work: SLU's global contribution to Agenda 2030 |

SLU collaborates with universities around the world as part of its membership of the Global Challenges University Alliance 2030 (GCUA 2030). GCUA 2030 focuses on providing doctoral students and young researchers with the knowledge, tools and networks to be able to contribute to sustainable development. 

Read more about GCUA 2030: GCUA 2030 |

SLU collaborates with other public authorities in the DG Forum, as part of efforts to strengthen Sweden’s contributions to the sustainable development goals.

Read more about DG Forum: DG Forum (

SLU also plays an active role in regional sustainable development collaborations. One example SLU’s work with implementing regional action programmes in Uppsala county. SLU has also adopted the regional sustainability promises for reduced climate impact and increased biodiversity. Read more (in Swedish only): Environmental objectives action programme | Uppsala County Administrative Board (


SLU Holding supports the development of research findings for sustainable innovations and companies.

Read more about SLU Holding’s work: SLU Holding |

Environment and climate

SLU’s work with environmental and climate issues is ambitious – and this is reflected in our target of becoming a climate-neutral university by 2027.

You can read more about SLU’s environmental objectives and environmental work on the designated pages: Environment | staff pages

SLU is the project manager and coordinator of the SUHF (Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions) climate network. Read more about the climate network: SLU to take on a leading role in Swedish universities’ climate efforts |



Gender equality and equal opportunities

SLU works actively with gender equality and equal opportunities to make sure that equal rights are respected and all SLU students and staff have the same possibilities.

Read more about SLU’s work with gender equality and equal opportunities: Gender equality and equal opportunities at SLU | staff pages

SLU works to ensure that all citizens have equal access to higher education, something that is important for both individuals and society. Broader recruitment is vital if we are to fulfil the ambitions of the work with Agenda 2030, and follow the principle of nobody being left behind. Read the strategy for broader recruitment (in Swedish only).

Sustainable working life

At SLU, we dedicate ourselves to creating sustainable working life through systematic work environment management, sustainable leadership and collegiality. Furthermore, the university regularly carries out staff surveys.

Read the results of the 2021 staff survey: Staff survey 2021: Are you happy at SLU | staff pages