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International student barometer 2023

Published: 03 November 2023
An image of a man, smiling at the camera. The text "Add your voice" can be seen in the picture.

SLU will participate in the International Student Barometer 2023 (ISB), a survey for international students. The survey will be conducted from November 6 to December 10, and all international students at SLU will receive an email to their SLU student email addresses to answer it.

The International Student Barometer, ISB, is one of the largest surveys for international students that investigates and compares international students' expectations and perceptions of the university during their study time, from application to graduation.

The survey contains questions about the education, reception, career support, study environment, and the reasons for choosing SLU. The survey also evaluates what the students value most and if they would recommend SLU to others.

The results are compared with other international and Swedish universities participating in the survey this year.