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Call to attend conferences in plant protection

Published: 25 May 2022

The SLU Plant Protection Network is launching a special call for researchers at SLU for attending conferences relevant to their study subject or project work within the area of plant protection/plant health during 2022 or 2023.

The call aims to help researchers working within plant protection/plant health at SLU to cover the costs associated with participating in academic conferences.

The SLU Plant Protection Network will give awards to as many as apply and are eligible on a first come first served basis, but not exceeding the limit of the SLU Plant Protection Networks budget for this call (150 000 kr). Submitting an application for an award is not a guarantee of its acceptance.


Who can apply?

PhD students, postdocs and other researchers working within plant protection or plant health at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), who are employed, on a scholarship or admitted at SLU during the time of the conference. The supervisor or work leader of PhD students and postdocs must agree on the attendance of the conference. Each person can apply once.

What can you apply for?

The applicant can apply for a maximum of 5,000 SEK for the fee to attend an online or physical conference in which the applicant is presenting a poster or a talk connected to plant protection/plant health in a wide sense. Other costs than the conference fee will not be covered. The conference fee must be paid under 2022, but the conference can take place in 2023. A certificate or similar, stating that the participant will present a poster or talk at the conference needs to be provided.

Application procedure

The application should be made before the conference takes place. Only actual costs up to the approved sum are reimbursed.

The applications are processed as they arrive. Last day to send in an application is the 14th of October 2022. If the application is approved, the applicant will get a written approval stating that the SLU Plant Protection Network guarantees a grant up to a certain amount.

The application must contain:

  • The applicants name and workplace (department & faculty at SLU), as well as the supervisors/work leaders name and workplace in case of PhD students and postdocs
  • Short description of the applicants work and why the conference or course is relevant to attend in a plant protection/plant health work context (max. 1 A4-page Times New Roman 12 point, single line spacing, 2 cm margins)
  • Letter of approval from the supervisor (PhD students) or work leader (postdocs)
  • Information on the conference (date, fee, form of presentation)

Where to send your application

Mail your application electronically as a single pdf-file to Katja Fedrowitz (

Further questions?

Please contact the coordinator Katja Fedrowitz (


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