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Forest damages

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PhD course: Forest damage - Monitoring and enviromental assessment

PhD course: Forest damage - Monitoring and environmental assessment theres.svensson@slu.se The next PhD student course on “Monitoring and environmental assessment” will start in March. The

Call for short-term monitoring projects in forest damage

The SLU Forest Damage Centre announces a call with focus on monitoring of forest damage. The call is for short-term monitoring projects that focus on method development and will be carried out in

Registration open for the PhD-course 'Forest Damage - Monitoring and eviromental assessment'

The registration is now open for the PhD student course on “Monitoring and environmental assessment” that will start in March. The objective of the course is to provide the students with a basic

Study visit for PhD students at SLU Forest Damage Centre research School

Study visit for PhD students at SLU Forest Damage Centre research school theres.svensson@slu.se Welcome to study visit! SLU Forest Damage Centre welcomes PhD students to a first study visit. It

Collaboration - important for SLU's Forest Damage Centre, forestry sector and authorities

On January 18th and 19th the SLU Forest Damage Centre organised its annual meeting in Eskilstuna inviting scientist, representatives from forestry sector and authorities. Throughout the conference

Carina Keskitalo

carina.keskitalo@slu.se I work 20% at the Landscape Studies subject area at the Department of Forest Resource Management at SLU Umeå, and have my main employment as Professor of Political Science at

Assessing the detectability of European spruce bark beetle

Detecting disease- or insect-infested forests as early as possible is a classic application of remote sensing. Under conditions of climate change and global warming, outbreaks of the European spruce

Bark beetles can’t hide from their natural enemies

Flies from the genera Medetera can sense and find the bark beetle Ips typographus that is a severe insect pest on Norway spruce. A synthetic blend of the compunds that the flies react to can

What Sweden can learn from South Koreas fight against forest fires

Camera-monitored hills, off-road forest fire trucks, and pine saplings as far as the eye can see. These are some of the impressions from South Korea's east coast, where some of SLU's forest fire

Tool can detect possible destructive pest for Swedish birches

The increased use of broadleaf trees in Swedish forestry may bring new and yet undiscovered pests. A wood borer insect known as the bronze birch borer causes severe damage on birch in North America,

SLU Forest Damage Centre Annual conference

SLU Forest Damage Centre annual conference katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the SLU Forest Damage Centre's annual conference. During this year's conference, you can take part in research results

Connect with fellow researchers in plant protection and forest damage!

Are you seeking new partners for collaboration at SLU with complementary expertise? Are you curious about other individuals at SLU who are engaged in the realm of plant protection and forest damage?