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Forest damages

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Annual meeting SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School 2023

Annual meeting SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School 2023 katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the first annual meeting of the SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School The first annual meeting

SLU Forest Damage Centre Annual conference

SLU Forest Damage Centre annual conference katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to the SLU Forest Damage Centre's annual conference. During this year's conference, you can take part in research results

Network symposium

Networking symposium on plant protection and forest damage katja.fedrowitz@slu.se Welcome to a networking symposium arranged by SLU Plant Protection Network and SLU Forest Damage Centre for staff

Registration is now open for SLU Forest Damage Research School's first annual meeting

Welcome to the SLU Skogsskadecentrum's research school's first annual meeting, which is arranged together with Sveaskog. Registration for the annual meeting has now opened. The annual meeting will be

Sarah Gore

sarah.gore@slu.se Doctoral student at the Department of Game, Fish and Environment. Investigating: "Future Yields- impacts of ungulate browsing on stand structure, forest growth and revenue in

Kommunikatör vill lyfta SLU Skogsskadecentrums arbete

In mid-August, Theres Svensson took up her position as communications officer at the SLU Forest Damage Centre. She now wants to highlight the centre's important work and spread knowledge about forest

Connect with fellow researchers in plant protection and forest damage!

Are you seeking new partners for collaboration at SLU with complementary expertise? Are you curious about other individuals at SLU who are engaged in the realm of plant protection and forest damage?

Call to attend conferences in plant protection

The SLU Plant Protection Network is launching a special call for researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) for attending conferences relevant to their study subject or

We need a national database on burnt forest

Despite discussions over the last 20 years, there is still no database over wildfires and management fires in Sweden, which hampers both fire protection and nature conservation. A new SLU report

Meeting with the Swedish and Danish societies for plant diseases

cajsa.lithell@slu.se Join us in a common meeting between the Swedish and Danish societies for plant diseases for a one-day event in Alnarp. During the day, you will get the possibility to listen to

Forest damage course gave new insights into pests and risks

Arming the forest against forest damage and being able to analyze the risks and consequences of the damage is important, especially in a warmer climate. During March to May, the first of three PhD

Biotic threats to Pine stands in Northern Fennoscandia

Excursion: Biotic threats to Pine stands in Northern Fennoscandia cajsa.lithell@slu.se Welcome to an excursion that aims compare and discuss the damages by ungulates and pathogenic fungi (in