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Vera Franke

I am a PhD student in Organic Environmental Chemistry. My goal is to develop novel techniques for the removal and degradation of per- and polyfluorinated alkylsubstances (PFAS) in drinking water.


PFASs are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. Many of them are known to be persistent, bioaccumulative and to have adverse health effects. Due to their chemical properties PFASs are stable under normal environmental conditions and are able to undergo long range transport. They have also been found in drinking water.
Conventional water treatment techniques are mostly unable to remove or break down PFASs effectively. In my project, I try to understand how to decompose/remove PFASs from water using novel treatment techniques.


Bachelor's degree in Chemistry; Master's degree in Environmental Chemistry



  • Docent Lutz Ahrens, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU
  • Professor Karin Wiberg, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU
  • Philip McCleaf, Uppsala Vatten