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Chemical sciences

Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter.

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The fate of environmentally hazardous PFAS substances in the soil has been investigated

Highly fluorinated substances, or PFAS substances, are a group of chemicals that in recent years have come to be regarded as environmental contaminants of global concern. In his doctoral thesis, Hugo

Lars Sonesten

I am a limnologist and ecotoxicologist working mainly with water chemistry and biology in inland waters. I am also working with the inputs of nutrients and hazardous substances to the Sea. Head of

Virtual excursion at Molecular Sciences

While physical travels are mainly on hold for now, virtual excursions can provide the perfect opportunity to develop new and broaden existing collaborations with scientists in different disciplines

Diss Frank Menger

Hidden in the Water : Development of screening strategies to identify new organic contaminants of emerging concern charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Frank, Menger defends his thesis " Hidden in the Water :

Johnny Östman diss

Metabolomics and flux analysis by mass spectrometry : Investigations of factors associated with insulin secretion and prostate cancer risk eva.andersson.bjorkman@slu.se Johnny Östman defends his

Wiebke Dürig Diss

Wide-scope screening for contaminants of emerging concern in archived biota: Method development, suspect prioritisation, and non-target screening in a novel identification tool

New environmentally friendly way to extract valuable rare earth elements

A new efficient and environmentally friendly method to extract rare earth elements, used in cell phones and computers, from solutions using magnetic nanoparticles has been developed by researchers at

Fredric Svensson diss

Hybrid Nano Titania: Molecular Formation Mechanisms and Applications in Nanotechnology eva.andersson.bjorkman@slu.se Fredric Svensson defends his thesis "Hybrid Nano Titania: Molecular Formation

Vera Franke diss

Treatment methods for the removal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from drinking water : optimizing existing and exploring novel treatment techniques eva.andersson.bjorkman@slu.se

Baolin Wang diss

Mercury methylation in boreal peatlands: Influence of geochemistry and biology Eva.andersson.bjorkman@slu.se Baolin Wang defends his thesis "Mercury methylation in boreal peatlands: Influence of

Diss Jenna Senecal

Safe Nutrient Recovery from Human Urine - System and Hugiene Evaluation of Alkaline Urine Dehydration Jenna Senecal defends her thesis "Safe Nutrient Recovery from Human Urine - System and Hugiene

World Malaria Day

Each year, more than 200 million people suffer from malaria around the world and every two minutes, a child dies from the disease. Globally, an estimated 3.4 billion people in 92 countries are at