CV page

Sebastian Larsson Herrera

I work in insect chemical ecology. Focusing on constructing analytical workflows and analysing data in R for behavioral, genetical and olfactory response data. I have also supervised several student on how to analyse this kind of data in research.

Selected publications

Biasazin, Tibebe Dejene, Tadiwos W. Wondimu, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, Mattias Larsson, Agenor Mafra-Neto, Yitbarek W. Gessese, and Teun Dekker. 2021. “Dispersal and Competitive Release Affect the Management of Native and Invasive Tephritid Fruit Flies in Large and Smallholder Farms in Ethiopia.” Scientific Reports 

Jaastad, Gunnhild, Sebastian Larsson-Herrera, and Marco Tasin. 2020. “Assessing Allelochemicals as Species-Specific Attractants for the Cherry Bark Tortrix, Enarmonia Formosana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).” Crop Protection 

Larsson Herrera, Sebastian, Peter Rikk, Gabriella Köblös, Magdolna Szelenyi, Molnar Bela, Teun Dekker, and Marco Tasin. 2020. “Designing a Species-Selective Lure Based on Microbial Volatiles to Target Lobesia Botrana.” Scientific Reports 

Larsson Herrera, Sebastian, Cristina Tha, Ramesh R. Vetukuri, Alan Knight, Laura J. Grenville-Briggs, and Marco Tasin. 2020. “Monitoring and Discrimination of Pandemis Moths in Apple Orchards Using Semiochemicals, Wing Pattern Morphology and DNA Barcoding.” Crop Protection

Blomquist, Mimmi, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, Johan Hofmann, Refika Ceyda Beram, Michelle Cleary, and Jonas Rönnberg. 2020. “Size Matters but Is Big Always Better? Effectiveness of Urea and Phlebiopsis Gigantea as Treatment against Heterobasidion on Picea Abies Stumps of Variable Size.” Forest Ecology and Management 

Biasazin, Tibebe Dejene, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, Fikira Kimbokota, and Teun Dekker. 2019. “Translating Olfactomes into Attractants: Shared Volatiles Provide Attractive Bridges for Polyphagy in Fruit Flies.” Ecology Letters 

Knight, Alan L., Valentina Mujica, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, and Marco Tasin. 2019. “Addition of Terpenoids to Pear Ester plus Acetic Acid Increases Catches of Codling Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).” Journal of Applied Entomology 

Knight, Alan L., Valentina Mujica, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, and Marco Tasin. 2019. “Monitoring Codling Moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with a Four‐component Volatile Blend Compared to a Sex Pheromone‐based Blend.” Journal of Applied Entomology  

Candia, Ilich Figueroa, Veronica Bautista, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, Abigail Walter, Noel Ortuño Castro, Marco Tasin, and Teun Dekker. 2019. “Potential of Locally Sustainable Food Baits and Traps against the Mediterranean Fruit Fly Ceratitis Capitata in Bolivia.” Pest Management Science 

Biasazin, Tibebe Dejene, Haimanot Teklemariam Chernet, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, Marie Bengtsson, Miriam Frida Karlsson, Joelle Kristin Lemmen-Lechelt, and Teun Dekker. 2018. “Detection of Volatile Constituents from Food Lures by Tephritid Fruit Flies.” Insects 

Tasin, Marco, Sebastian Larsson Herrera, Alan L. Knight, Wilson Barros-Parada, Eduardo Fuentes Contreras, and Ilaria Pertot. 2018. “Volatiles of Grape Inoculated with Microorganisms: Modulation of Grapevine Moth Oviposition and Field Attraction.” Microbial Ecology