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Pablo Gago Ferrero

Pablo Gago Ferrero
I am an expert in environmental analytical chemistry and my research is focused on development of new analytical methods for emerging organic pollutants in the environment using the last advances in mass spectrometry, and application of these methods for transport, fate and removal studies.


My current research is focusing on

  • Sources, fate and transport of emerging organic pollutants in the environment such as pharmaceuticals or personal care products.
  • Development, optimization and application of non-target screening workflows using LC-QTOFMS  and operation of open source data mining and post-acquisition data treatment software for the identification of TPs of emerging pollutants.
  • Partitioning of organic pollutants in various compartments of the environment.


The POPs-group

  • Professor Karin Wiberg, leder POPs-gruppen
  • Associate Professor (Docent) Lutz Ahrens
  • Dr Jana Weiss, forskare
  • Dr Anna-Karin Dahlberg, forskare

PhD students

  • Jakob Gustavsson
  • Minh Anh Nguyen
  • Rikard Tröger
  • Wiebke Dürig
  • Mattias Sörengård
  • Vera Franke

Current projects

  •  Red-Mic: Novel strategies to reduce diffuse emissions of micropollutants from on-site sewage facilities, Formas (P Andersson, Umeå University)

Previous projects (2013-)

  • Tremepol: Transformation products of emerging pollutants in the aquatic environment, Aristeia (European Union funds). Main applicant: Nikolaos Thomaidis.
  • Scarce: Assessing and predicting effects on water quantity and quality in Iberian rivers caused by global change, Consolider-Ingenio, Main applicant: Damià Barceló.

Selected publications

Recently published peer-reviewed papers (2014-2016)

  1. Gago-Ferrero P., Schymanski E.L., Bletsou A.A., Aalizadeh R., Hollender J., Thomaidis N.A. (2015) Suspect and non-target screening of organic micropollutants with a developed LC-HRMS-based workflow. Environmental Science & Technology. 49(20):12333-12341. 
  2. Thomaidis N.A. Gago-Ferrero P., Ort C., Maragou N., Alygizakis N., Borova V., Danesaki M. (2016) Effect of socio-economic changes on licit and illicit drug use patterns quantified through wastewater-based epidemiology. Environmental Science & Technology. Accepted.
  3. Beretsou V.G., Psoma A.K., Gago-Ferrero P., Aalizadeh R., Fenner K., Thomaidis N.S. (2016) Identification of biotransformation products of citalopram formed in activated sludge. Water Research. 103:205-214.
  4. Aalizadeh R., Thomaidis N.A., Bletsou A.A., Gago-Ferrero P. (2016) Quantitative Structure-Retention Relationship models to support non-target high resolution mass spectrometric screening of emerging contaminants in environmental samples. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. 56(7):1384-1398. 
  5. Alygizakis N., Gago-Ferrero P., Borova V., Thomaidis N.A. (2016) Occurrence and spatial distribution of 158 pharmaceuticals, drugs of abuse and related metabolites in offshore seawater. Science of the Total Environment. 541:1097-1105. 
  6. Molins-Delgado D., Gago-Ferrero P., Díaz-Cruz M.S., Barceló D. (2016) Acute toxicity data estimation of organic UV filters towards selected aquatic organisms and synergies with nanomaterials. Urban groundwater risk assessment. Environmental Research. 145:126-134.
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  11. Ajibola A., Gago-Ferrero P., Borova V., Danesaki M., Bletsou A., Thomaidis N.A. (2015) Benzosulfonamides in wastewater: method development, occurrence and removal efficiencies. Chemosphere 119:S21-S27.
  12. Borova V., Maragou E., Gago-Ferrero P., Pistos C., Thomaidis N.A. (2014) Highly sensitivity determination of 68 psychoactive pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and related human metabolites in wastewater by liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 406:4273–4285.
  13. Rodriguez-Rodriguez C.E., Lucas D., Barón E., Gago-Ferrero P., Molins-Delgado D., Rodríguez-Mozaz S., Eljarrat E., Díaz-Cruz M.S., Barceló D., Caminal G., Vicent T. (2014) Re-inoculation strategies enhance the degradation of emerging pollutants by fungal bioaugmentation in sewage sludge. Bioresource Technology 168:180-189.
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Recently published Book chapters (2014-2016)

  1. Gago-Ferrero P., Schymanski E.L., Hollender J., Thomaidis N.S. (2016). Non-target analysis of environmental samples based on liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (LC-HRMS). Springer-Verlag (Germany), In Press. DOI: 10.1016/bs.coac.2016.01.012.
  2. Gago-Ferrero P., Díaz-Cruz M.S., Barceló D. (2015). Analysis and occurrence of PCPs in biota samples. The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry. Volum 36: Personal care products in the aquatic environment. Springer-Verlag (Germany), 263-291.
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