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Lizel Potgieter

Lizel Potgieter
Bioinformatician with SLUBI ( and the Department of Plant Breeding in Alnarp


BI1296: Plant Biology for Protection and Breeding, M.Sc. course - every spring

P000030: Applied population genetics in plant disease epideniology, Research School for Organism Biology - Ultuna and online spring 2023


I've been working with bioinformatics since my internship at the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) during the 3rd year of my B.Sc. in 2013. There I started working on annotating the first fungal genome sequenced in Africa. I continued developing my expertise in comparative genomics of fungal genomes during my B.Sc(Hons) and M.Sc. degrees in genetics where I worked on the evolution of wood degrading enzymes in mushroom forming fungi. I moved to Germany to complete my Ph.D. research under the supervision of Eva Stukenbrock at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology where I worked on the comparative and population genomics aspect of Cercospora beticola, a pathogen of wild and domesticated beet to determine the impact of recent host domestication on pathogen population evolution. After a short postdoc focusing on Cercospora beticola effector expression at the MPI, I worked as a plant breeder for a year before moving to SLU to work as a bioinformatician.

Selected publications

  • Gene editing of three BnITPK genes in tetraploid oilseed rape leads to significant reduction of phytic acid in seeds, N Sashidhar, HJ Harloff, L Potgieter, C Jung
    Plant biotechnology journal 18 (11), 2241-2250
  • On variant discovery in genomes of fungal plant pathogens, L Potgieter, A Feurtey, JY Dutheil, EH Stukenbrock Frontiers in microbiology 11, 626
  • Population genomics of Cercospora beticola L Potgieter, Christian-Albrechts University Kiel
  • Draft genome sequences of an Armillaria species from Zimbabwe, Ceratocystis colombiana, Elsinoë necatrix, Rosellinia necatrix, two genomes of Sclerotinia minor, short‑read genome assemblies and annotations of four Pyrenophora teres isolates from barley grass, and a long-read genome assembly of Cercospora zeina, Brenda D Wingfield, Dave K Berger, Martin PA Coetzee, Tuan A Duong, Anke Martin, Nam Q Pham, Noelani van den Berg, P Markus Wilken, Kiruba Shankari Arun-Chinnappa, Irene Barnes, Sikelela Buthelezi, Buddhika Amarasinghe Dahanayaka, Alvaro Durán, Juanita Engelbrecht, Alice Feurtey, Arista Fourie, Gerda Fourie, Jesse Hartley, Eugene NK Kabwe, Mkhululi Maphosa, Deborah L Narh Mensah, David L Nsibo, Lizel Potgieter, Barsha Poudel, Eva H Stukenbrock, Chanel Thomas, Niloofar Vaghefi, Tanya Welgemoed, Michael J Wingfield IMA fungus 13 (1), 19


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Bioinformatician at the Department of Plant Breeding
Postal address:
Växtförädling, Box 190
234 22 LOMMA
Visiting address: Sundsvägen 10, Alnarp