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Lina Göransson

Lina Göransson
I am a researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, at the Section of Environment, Care and Herd Health, in Skara. My main interest is farm animal welfare, and applied research within this area.


I defended my thesis Good enough? Animal welfare in organic poultry production in 2022. Whilst my research is mainly about poultry welfare in commercial production, I am more than happy to work also with cow and pig welfare. My interests include also animal ethics and sustainability aspects of animal production.


I am a veterinarian, and after graduation from SLU in 2016 I worked as a clinician with ambulatory veterinary services. Since 2019 I am enrolled as a resident at the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine (ECAWBM) sub-speciality Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law (AWSEL).

Selected publications

Göransson, L.; Abeyesinghe, S.; Yngvesson, J.; Gunnarsson, S. How are they really doing? Animal welfare on organic laying hen farms in terms of health and behaviour. British Poultry Science (2023), 64(5), 552-564. 

Göransson, L.; Abeyesinghe, S.; Gunnarsson, S.; Yngvesson, J. Easier said than done! Organic farmers consider free-ranging important for laying hen welfare but outdoor areas need more shelter – important gaps between research and practice. British Poultry Science (2023), 64(5), 544-551. 

Bestman, M.; van Niekerk, T.; Göransson, L.; Ferrante, V.; Gunnarsson, S.; Grilli, G.; Arndt, S.; Rodenburg, B. Free-range use and intestinal parasites in organic/free-range laying hens. Journal of Applied Poultry Research (2023), 32, 2, 100321.

Göransson, L.; Gunnarsson, S.; Wallenbeck, A.; Yngvesson, J. Behaviour in Slower-Growing Broilers and Free-Range Access on Organic Farms in Sweden. Animals (2021), 11, 2967.

Göransson, L.; Yngvesson, J.; Gunnarsson, S. Bird Health, Housing and Management Routines on Swedish Organic Broiler Chicken Farms. Animals (2020), 10, 2098.

Gunnarsson, S.; Arvidsson Segerkvist, K.; Göransson, L.; Hansson, H.; Sonesson, U. Systematic Mapping of Research on Farm-Level Sustainability in Egg and Chicken Meat Production. Sustainability (2020), 12, 3033.