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Ethology is the study of non-human animal behaviour.

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Our mission

SCAW was established in 2008 with the aim to support research and education within animal welfare. The Government instructed SLU to form SCAW: "In order to gather the country's expertise and

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Adriaan De Jong

Adriaan De Jong

Adriaan "Adjan" de Jong My research focuses on migratory birds of boreal landscapes. Focal species are Bean Goose Anser fabalis, Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata and Rustic

Equitation science

The course provides an in depth theoretical/practical knowledge at advanced level of horse behaviour/learning and its consequences for horse welfare and human-horse interactions. The course is

NordCAW 2019

NordCAW seminar about Animal welfare for wild animals Animal welfare can be defined as an animal's psychological and physical state, which may vary from good to bad. Special attention has been paid

Torun Wallgren

Torun Wallgren

I am a PhD student at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, Divison of Environment, Care and Herd Health in Skara. I work with research, especially about pigs' behavior. My doctoral

Torun Wallgren

Torun Wallgren

I am a PhD studet at the department of Animal Environment and Health, Division of Environment, Care and Herd Health i Skara, Sweden. I work with research, primarily concerning pig management and

Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science

Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science

The Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science is a Swedish network for researchers in natural and social sciences aiming to improve animal welfare. Once a Formas strong research environment

Seminar on Natural distasters and animal welfare

On June 4, 2019, the Swedish Center for Animal Welfare, SCAW, organizes a seminar focusing on natural disasters and its impact on animals and their welfare. How can we prepare for disasters such as

Training and company is good for dog behavior

As companion animals, a dog's lifestyle is mainly determined by its owner. Discrepancies between the dog's preferences and the owner's lifestyle might lead to the occurrence of unwanted behaviours

Poor welfare predicts Campylobacter infection

Infection of Campylobacter in a broiler flock can be predicted from a welfare assessment, according to a study carried out in collaboration between Anses, EFSA, UNIPR and the Swedish University of



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