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Ethology is the study of non-human animal behaviour.

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NordCAW seminar on horse welfare

NordCAW seminar on horse welfare elin.spangenberg@slu.se Welcome to the NordCAW seminar on Horse Welfare in relation to the use of horses in equestrian sport. Equestrian sports engage many

Gabriele Greco

gabriele.greco@slu.se Hi! I’m a scientist with a background in physics and materials science. I love to explore and tackle scientific topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. My

Lina Göransson

lina.goransson@slu.se I am a researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, at the Section of Environment, Care and Herd Health, in Skara. My main interest is farm animal welfare,

Karin Nilsson

karin.a.nilsson@slu.se Most of my work concerns aquatic food webs and fish populations in particular. Currently I focus on how human impacts - such as hydropower development and climate change -

Eli Thoré

eli.thore@slu.se Eli Thoré is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies. He is an aquatic ecologist with a broad interest in how the environment

Jake Martin

jake.martin@slu.se I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The overarching goal of my

Aneesh Bose

aneesh.bose@slu.se I am a behavioural ecologist who studies a wide variety of aquatic animals. I use controlled laboratory studies, extensive field work and scientific SCUBA diving to understand how

Sofia Wilhelmsson

sofia.wilhelmsson@slu.se I defended my thesis called "There's no time to rush! - pigs’ and transport drivers’ welfare and interactions during slaughter transport" in June 2022. It was a

Hedvig Kjellström

hedvig.kjellstrom@slu.se I am a Guest Professor at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry (AFB), SLU. My main activity is conducted at the Division of Robotics, Perception and

Associate Professor Elke Hartmann

elke.hartmann@slu.se I am both professionally and personally committed to Equitation Science (ES) and have established my own unique niche as a scientist focusing on equine (social) behaviour,

Johanna Stenfelt

johanna.stenfelt@slu.se PhD Student at the Department of Biosystems and Technology My research interest is mainly in animal behaviour and cognition, with a special focus on ways to optimize current

Anders Herlin

andrus.kangro@slu.se Animals, technology, buildings, and sustainability are the combination of subjects that characterize my research and collaboration. A good building function creates the