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Léonie Duris

Léonie Duris
I work with reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and the increasing external stress threatening the Sámi traditional reindeer husbandry system.


PhD student in Biology


In REINFORCE using data from reindeer herders in Ruvthen Sijte reindeer herding community and data from the Sami parliament, I investigate the constraints and the opportunities for reindeer herders in Sápmi to face limitations to pasture and effect of climate change. In the project our specific aims are to study i) the influence of summer climatic conditions on reindeer productivity, ii) the possibilities of facing climate change considering the influence of exploitations and other land use in the reindeer husbandry area in Sweden, iii) how management strategies (herd size and herd structure, supplementary feeding, harvest strategy) over long term may help the herder to cope with the changes and finally iv) we discuss the interests of using individual marking and live weight recording used to optimize productivity in reindeer husbandry. Calves´ live weight from the reindeer herders and slaughter data from the Sámi parliament are used and combined with environmental data and land use maps.



Master in Biology of organisms and ecology: Conservation biology, biodiversity, and management.



Doctoral Student at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare; Reindeer Husbandry
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Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala