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Ingrid Altamirano

Ingrid Altamirano
Research assistant within the project "Young people's perspectives on the use, values ​​and benefits of the city's blue-green infrastructure."


I hold a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and was awarded a Master's degree in Human Ecology: Culture, Power and Sustainability from Lund University.


International experience

I worked during fours years at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)  as lecturer (Universitetsadjunkt)  in different subjects for undergraduate students:  

Globalization, Identity and Cultural Diversity

Geo-economics, geopolitics and hegemonic crises

Social sciences theory and methodology

Bachelor’s thesis writing workshop


Besides my academic background, I have almost four years of experience in interdisciplinary research at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Sciences and Humanities (CEIICH) in Mexico, where I worked as a research and project assistant within the program “The world in the twenty first century.” Our topics of research were geopolitics, geo-economics, globalization and its connection to scarce natural resources access and use, ecological crisis, as well as the links between technology and sustainability.



Research Assistant at the Institutionen för landskapsarkitektur, planering och förvaltning
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