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Business administration

Economics is the social science that describes the factors that determine the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. One of the academic disiplines is business economics, at SLU linked to natural resources.

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Kes Mccormick

kes.mccormick@slu.se Professor of Business Development and Sustainable Innovation I am a Professor of Business Development and Sustainable Innovation at the Department of People and Society at the

Julia Aldberg

julia.aldberg@slu.se Julia works as a researcher with a background in business administration and focus on sustainable development. She is particularly interested in the production and consumption

Vera Sadovska

vera.sadovska@slu.se Vera Sadovska is a PhD student at the Department of People and Society. Her research focus is on sustainable business models in the agri-food sector and on the creation of

Annie Drottberger

andrus.kangro@slu.se I am a lecturer and PhD student in Horticultural Science especially Business Administration at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Department of Biosystems and

Uliana Gottlieb

uliana.gottlieb@slu.se Uliana Gottlieb is employed as a Postdoc at the Decision-Making and Managerial Behaviour Group of the Department of Economics. Uliana is interested in behavioural aspects of

Filiz Kinikli

filiz.kinikli@slu.se I hold a doctorate in agricultural economics from Ege University, Department of Agricultural Economics, Izmir, Turkey. I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Swedish Agricultural

Jonas Bååth

jonas.baath@slu.se Assistant Professor who studies the economic sociology of food and agriculture Jonas Bååth is an economic sociologist who studies the organisation of markets in agri-food

Jerker Nilsson

gajane.shabandari@slu.se Jerker Nilsson is a Professor of Business Administration (emeritus), specifically in cooperative business and agro-food marketing. Jerker Nilsson’s research focuses on

Diss Hanna Astner

Exploring entrepreneurial processes in new markets : towards sustainable food systems charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Hanna Astner defends her thesis "Exploring entrepreneurial processes in new markets :

Diss Jonathan Stråle

Travel demand and environmental policy charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Jonathan Stråle defends his thesis "Travel demand and environmental policy" on 29th April 2022 All interested are welcome to take

Ingrid Altamirano

ingrid.altamirano@slu.se Research assistant within the project "Young people's perspectives on the use, values ​​and benefits of the city's blue-green infrastructure." I hold a Bachelor's degree in

Fredrik Fernqvist

fredrik.fernqvist@slu.se Senior lecturer and associate professor, horticultural economics and business administration. PhD in Horticultural Science, especially business administration. Research