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Ida Ahlbeck Bergendahl

Ida Ahlbeck Bergendahl


I have a broad interest in fish behaviour, aquatic ecology and fisheries management.

I mainly work within the EU regulated Data Collection Framework (DCF), where data on Swedish west coast salmon is collected and analyzed in the Working Group for North Atlantic Salmon, to give sientific advice on salmon fisheries management.


2013-2015, Post doctoral researcher, Penn State University, USA. Project: Investigating effects of environmental enrichment on the behavioural development in trout.

2012-2012,  Researcher, Dept. Systems Ecology, Stockholm University. Project: Pikeperch in Himmerfjärden - a biomanipulation project.

2008-2012, PhD candidate, Dept. Systems Ecology, Stockholm University. Project: Pikeperch in Himmerfjärden - a biomanipulation project.



Doctoral degree, University of Stockholm, 2012. Subject: Marine ecology. Thesis title: Living in a predation matrix – studies on fish and their prey in a Baltic Sea coastal area. Supervisor: Professor Sture Hansson.

Master of Science, Linköping University, 2005. Major: biology. Branch of studies: ecology and environmental science. Thesis title: Effects of a major growth QTL on spatial learning and activity in chickens.

Selected publications

Braithwaite, V.A. and Ahlbeck Bergendahl, I. (2019) The Effects of Early Life Experience on Behavioural Development in Captive Fish Species. In Kristiansen, T.S. et al. (eds.), The Welafre of Fish, Animal Welfare 20, Springer Nature Switzerland. pp.111-127.

Ahlbeck Bergendahl, I., Holliland, P. B., Hansson, S., and Karlöf, O. (2017) Feeding range of age 1+ year Eurasian perch Perca fluviatilis in the Baltic Sea. Journal of Fish Biology, 90(5): 2060-2072.

Ahlbeck Bergendahl, I., Miller, S., Depasquale, C., Giralico, L., and Braithwaite, V. A. (2016) Becoming a better swimmer: structural complexity enhances agility in a captive‐reared fish. Journal of Fish Biology.

Bergendahl, I.A., Salvanes, A.G.V., Braithwaite, V.A. (2016) Determining the effects of duration and recency of exposure to environmental enrichment. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 176: 163-169

Ahlbeck, I. and Holliland, P.B. (2012) Rearing environment affect important life skills in pikeperch (Sander lucioperca). Boreal Environment Research, 17: 291-304.

Holliland, P.B., Ahlbeck, I., Westlund, E. and Hanson, S. (2012) Ontogenetic and seasonal changes in diel vertical migration amplitude of the calanoid copepods Eurytemora affinis and Acartia spp. in a coastal area of the northern Baltic Proper. Journal of plankton research, 34: 298-307.

 Ahlbeck, I., Hansson, S. and Hjerne, O. (2012) Evaluation of diet analysis methods by individual based modelling. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 69: 1184-1201.


Environmental Assessment Specialist at the Department of Aquatic Resources; Unit Diadromous Species
Telephone: +46104784250
Postal address:
Sötvattenslaboratoriet, Stångholmsvägen 2
Visiting address: Stångholmsvägen 2, Drottningholm