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Göran Nordlander

Göran Nordlander
Göran Nordlander is Emeritus Professor of Entomology at the Department of Ecology. His research mainly concerns the ecology and behaviour of the pine weevil (Hylobius abietis), and how damage on confer plants by this insect can be counteracted. Another research interest is systematics of parasitic wasps (Cynipoidea).


My research activities principally fall within three different areas:

- ecology, behaviour, and pest management of the pine weevil Hylobius abietis
- conservation biology and dispersal of insects living in wood-decaying fungi
- taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography of parasitic Hymenoptera (Cynipoidea)

 A long-lasting goal has been to find ecologically sustainable ways of reducing damage on conifer plants caused by the pine weevil, Hylobius abietis, to economically acceptable levels. Research focus is on how the weevil's behaviour is affected by environmental factors and how weevil feeding on seedlings can be reduced by applying various silvicultural measures. Another focal area is the plant´s own defence against insect feeding, both induced plant defence and the significance of inherited plant properties. In cooperation with microbiologists and chemists I have also studied the roles of fungi and bacteria associated with the pine weevil for chemical communication and metabolism.

Within my research group we have made a number of innovations with the aim to protect conifer plants from insect damage by the use of coatings on the stem containing mineral particles or antifeedant substances. One of these innovations (Conniflex) has been developed further and is now widely used in Swedish forestry.


My background:

Professor of Entomology at SLU (2004-2019)

Docent (Associate Professor) in Forest Entomology at SLU (1987)

PhD in Zoology at the University of Stockholm (1982)



Main supervisor for Ph D students

Frauke Fedderwitz, PhD 2014 – Pine weevil feeding behaviour

Vítězslav Maňák, PhD 2014 – Interactions between ants and pine weevils

Olle Rosenberg, PhD 2011 – Pest management of cone and seed insects

Niklas Björklund, PhD 2004 – Movement behaviour in the pine weevil

Mattias Jonsson, PhD 2002 – Dispersal ecology of insects in bracket fungi

Mats Jonsell, PhD 1999 – Conservation of insects in bracket fungi

Zhiwei Liu, PhD 1998 – Systematics and biogeography of cynipoid wasps

Co-supervisor for Ph D students

Sonja Preuss, PhD 2012 (SLU, Uppsala) – Expansion rate of a non-native bush-cricket

Mattias Forshage, PhD 2009 (Uppsala U.) – Systematics of Eucoilini (Cynipoidea)

Kristina Wallertz, PhD 2009 (SLU, Alnarp) – Pine weevil feeding in conifer regenerations

Magnus Petersson, PhD 2004 (SLU, Alnarp) – Methods to reduce damage by pine weevil

Fredrik Ronquist, PhD 1994 (Uppsala U.) – Morphology, phylogeny and evolution of cynipoid wasps


Selected publications

List of publications (pdf)

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Recent publications (from 2013)

Nordlander, G., Björklund, N., Hellqvist, C., Nordenhem, H., Liziniewicz, M. & Hjelm, K. 2023. Trap catch data are poor predictors of damage caused by pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) to conifer seedlings. Forest Ecology and Management 537: 120968 (10 pp.).

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