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Cecilia Müller

Cecilia Müller


Research Interests
Equine nutrition and management, especially forage production and utilization for horses, hygienic quality of feeds, equine health and welfare in relation to feeding and nutrition. EMS, insulin resistance, carbohydrates in feeds and their impact on equine nutrition and health, nutrition- and management factors in colic and diarrhea in horses.

Research Goal
Understand factors affecting forage nutritive and hygienic quality in relation to equine feeding, and how these factors affect the health and welfare of the horse. Implement and use this knowledge to improve forage production, conservation and utilization in equine nutrition and feeding, as well as for improving forage hygienic quality.

Research Skills
Forage production experiments, equine feeding experiments, hygienic analysis of forages, faeces, digesta. Survey studies.

Activity in the scientific society
Member of the Horse Committee at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

Member of "Docentnämnd" (Board for approval of Associate professors at VH-faculty).

Activity with stakeholders outside the scientific society
Takes part in Feed Science Network (Industry network at our department).


Basic pedagogic education and education in supervision of PhD-students
Teaching on bachelor-, master- and PhD-courses, supervision of students on all levels. Animal science and veterinary science.


Ongoing research projects:

Title Project managers
Moulds and mycotoxins in wrapped forages for horses Cecilia Müller/Rolf Spörnly, Astrid Johansen, Bioforsk, Norge
PhD-student: Jessica Schenk
Insulin resistance in horses Johan Bröjer(huvudansvarig)
Kia Nostell, Sanna Lindåse, Cecilia Müller
Free faecal liquid in horses – nutrition and management factors. Project blog: Cecilia
, Katrin Lindroth
The good, the bad and the ugly
– Carbohydrates in equine feeding and nutrition
Rasmus Bovbjerg Jensen, NMBU, Norway, Cecilia Müller 
Colic in horses – nutrition and management factors Cecilia Müller


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Applied Animal Science and Welfare; Feed science
Telephone: +4618672993
Postal address:
Box 7024
750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala