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Clinical management team strengthens collaboration

Understanding, clarity and consensus. These are some of the key words that comes up when the members of the new management group for KV and UDS describe their joint assignment. The joint clinical

Tillsammans project 9 october

The project had its management meeting on October the 9th. It has now become a habit that we can´t conduct our meetings “together” physically. All participants sat in front of their screens with Zoom

Bicycle races through Ultuna

Uppsala Cycling Race Week will take place 8–12 May and involve many races in and around Uppsala. Some of them will go through Ultuna, which means that there will be people directing traffic during

Elin Hernlund

I work as a researcher in biomechanics, as a clinician with a focus on equine orthopedics and as a teacher in functional and applied anatomy of the equine locomotor apparatus. As a post-doc

Prestigeful utmärkelse till Jens Häggström

Professor Jens Häggström has received a prestigious award for outstanding scientific work. WSAVA stands for the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, an organisation that gathers veterinarians

Bodil Ström Holst

I  am senior lecturer in health and disease of companion animals, especially dogs and cats, with a special responsibility for extension.   I share my time between extension, research, teaching and

Gene test reveals severe skeletal disease in Shetland Ponies

A genetic defect that can cause skeletal deformities in Shetland ponies (skeletal atavism) has been identified by researchers at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences