4 Apr

Aulan och loftet, Alnarp

Agribuild Conference: Industrialised, Renewable, Sustainable Building Materials from Agriculture and the Countryside

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Sustainable buildings - hemp is used to isolate a wall

The aim of the conference is to provide an up-to-date picture of some already existing building materials with agricultural-renewable based origin, by bringing actors from different sectors and arenas together, such as architects, building companies, decision makers, building material retailers among others.

The goal is to improve understanding of the use of renewable-origin building materials, find out about obstructions and overcome hinders of their large scale industrialised application by introducing and creatively harmonizing the opinions of different stakeholders. Through showing practical examples and by allowing an open discussion in a workshop-panel format it is expected that the outcome of the conference will be an increased understanding and wider acceptance and practical use of the agricultural-origin, renewable-based building materials. 

The Conference will be live-streamed. Link to the event with further information will be provided on this page a few days before the event.


Time: 2024-04-04 09:00 - 17:00
City: Alnarp
Location: Aulan och loftet
Organiser: SLU Partnerskap Alnarp i samarbete med föreningen Hållbart Byggande i Syd
Last signup date: 22 March 2024
Price: The conference is free. Lunch is provided at self-cost.
Additional info:

Address: Sundsvägen 6, 230 53 Alnarp

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08.30-09.15, Arrival

09.15-09.30, Welcome
György Ängelkott Bocz, department of biosystem and technology, SLU

09.30-10.00, Industrial Earthen Construction Technology in Architecture 
Martin Rauch, Lehmtonerde

10.00-10.30, Hemp as building material
Paulien Strandberg-de Bruijn, Division of buildingmaterials LTH, Lund University

10.30-11.00, Coffee & Refreshments

11.00-11.30, Agricultural building materials from a healthy house perspective.
Maria Block, BLOCK Arkitektur

11.30-12.00, Building materials from agriculture. The decision makers’ perspective. 
Andreas Eggertsen Teder, Hållbarhetsstrateg, Malmö Stad

12.00-13.00, Lunch

13.00-13.30, Sheep’s wool in controlling acoustic characteristics of buildings.
Claudio Pauwels, WOOLIE

13.30-14.00, Linseed oil based sustainable paints. The producer and retailer’s perspective.
Gunnar Ottosson, Ottossons Färgmakeri

14.00-14.30, Reed, straw and grasses. Renewable agricultural materials in roofing.
Adam Ooms, Adam Ooms Vass och Halmtak

14.30-15.00, Buildings from agriculture. Rules and policy.

15.00-15.30, Coffee & cake

15.30-16.30, Workshop: Agricultural building materials – advantages and disadvantages, hinders and opportunities.

16.30-17.00, Final panel discussion