Lennart Kennes room Biocentrum Ultuna and zoom, Uppsala

Cellular mechanisms of plant tissue regeneration

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Phanu Theodore Serivichyaswat defends his thesis "Cellular mechanisms of plant tissue regeneration" on 18 th November 2022

All interested are welcome to take part in the public defense online


Link to thesis: https://publications.slu.se/?file=publ/show&id=119364
Author / Respondent: MSc Phanu Theodore Serivichyaswat
External reviewer / Opponent: Professor Phillip Wigge, University of Potsdam, Leibniz IGZ, Grossbeeren, Germany
Time: 2022-11-18 10:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Lennart Kennes room Biocentrum Ultuna and zoom
Organiser: Department of Plant Biology
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Please contact charles.melnyk@slu.se  for online address and login information to the public defense