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BECFOR Ph.D. course Forestry and Sustainable Development

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The course examines Swedish forests through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on climate action and affordable clean energy.

Entry requirements
The course is intended for PhD students within and outside of SLU and from a variety of disciplines. Reasonable knowledge of English is important to be able to read material, contribute to discussions and complete written assignments. Admitted as PhD or Licentiate student.

Objectives and content
The course examines Swedish forests through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a focus on affordable clean energy (SDG 7) and climate action (SDG 13). The main purpose is to explore the potential of forest resources and forest-based industries in achieving national and EU energy policy objectives within the sphere of emission mitigation in society.
The course uses both quantitative and qualitative methods and draws on national and international statistics, energy and material assessments, emission accounting and technological factors. The course aims at an interdisciplinary audience and encourages cross-discipline discussions on forest, energy and climate issues.

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Time: 2021-02-08 - 2021-03-12
City: Umeå
Location: Zoom
Organiser: BECFOR
Last signup date: 25 January 2021
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