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Workshop: Incorporating citizen science in education

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Welcome to an internal SLU workshop, where we present and discuss issues relating to incorporating citizen science in education.

Citizen science can be incorporated in higher education as an approach for teaching and learning, professional development, and community engagement. The approach aligns well with active student learning and research-based pedagogical approaches, where students learn through enquiry and discovery.

SLU host a range of citizen science projects and tools, but how accessible are these to our teachers and students?


  • To spread knowledge about citizen science and its potential for incorporation in education
  • To provide examples and practical advice concerning incorporating citizen science in education
  • To strengthen the network and connections between SLU teachers, researchers and environmental analysts, in order to stimulate and promote ways in which citizen science projects can be made more accessible to teachers and students

Target group

SLU teachers, researchers and analysts interested in citizen science.


Time: 2021-12-09 09:00 - 12:00
City: Digitalt via Zoom
Organiser: SLU
Last signup date: 8 December 2021
Additional info:

Sign up for the workshop by sending an e-mail to mari.jonsson@slu.se by the 8th of December.

Note: The webinar will be recorded, but not discussions.


08.45-9.00. You are welcome to join a quarter before the programme starts. 

9.00-9.10. Welcome and introduction. Karl Lundén and Mari Jönsson, citizen science coordinators at SLU.

9.10-9.30. Aktiv studentmedverkan genom samhällsengagemang och medborgarskap /Active learning through community engagement and citizen science. Lovisa Håkansson, Uppsala Universitet, Avdelningen för kvalitetsutveckling, Enheten för universitetspedagogik, ASP - Aktiv studentmedverkan.

9.30-9.50 Legal issues concerning handling of data and personal information, when involving students in science. Henrik Leffler, lawyer at SLU.

9.50-10.00. Break.

10.00-10.30. Discussion block 1.

  • How do you think (online and field-based) citizen science can be integrated in higher education as a tool for teaching and learning, professional development, and community building?
  • Do you have experience of using citizen science in your courses? What worked and what did not work, pros and cons?

10.30-10.50. CARL - the Science Shop model in UCC. PhD Anna Kingston, University Collage Cork, UCC, Ireland.

10.50-11.10. How citizen science and University students connect – an exploration. Professor in Environmental Citizen Science René van der Wal, Department of Ecology, SLU.

11.10-11.20. Break.

11.20-11.50. Discussion block 2.

  • Are there ways in which citizen science project developers and data end users can make projects more accessible to teachers and undergraduate students?
  • Could science workshops be incorporated in SLUs education?

11.50-12.00. Questions and summary of the morning.

12.00. Lunch and continued discussion in Logen for those located at Ultuna Campus (at own cost).

Most welcome!