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BECFOR Ph.D course Advances in forestry analysis and data management

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This Ph.D. course focus on an advanced understanding of forest trials and inventories. Subject area: Forest Inventory, Inventory design, forest growth and yield and forest modelling.

After this course, the students are expected to:

  • Know about the advanced level statistics with large-scale inventory data
  • Understand the statistics of various experiments
  • Independently design their experiments and perform their inventories

Entry requirement: Basic knowledge in forest inventory, experimental design, science methodology, Statistics, and R software is a prerequisite. (There will be a module in the Canvas course page for update and repetition of entry requirements)

Objectives: This course provides an advanced understanding of how forest trials are designed and how inventories are performed. The course's target group comprises early-stage doctoral students who will initiate field trials, analyze larger quantities from long-term trials, design inventories, and implement and/or analyze more extensive inventories in forests.

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Time: 2021-01-26 - 2021-03-26
City: Alnarp
Location: Zoom
Organiser: BECFOR
Last signup date: 1 January 2021
Additional info:

Narayanan Subramanian, Postdoctor
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
narayanan.subramanian@slu.se, +4640415315

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