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Last changed: 21 March 2023
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Winter isn’t quite over yet, but a walk through Alnarp park hints that spring is on its way. We’re in the middle of the semester, and the faculty is working at full speed on various projects and processes that need to be coordinated and pushed forward. Here is a small selection.

Campus development

This project has taken a big step forward with the vice-chancellor’s decision to launch a pilot study for the Västra Noden rebuild/new build. This means that an agreement can be signed with the developers Akademiska hus and a construction project can officially be launched. It’s now important to make sure we use the knowledge and experience gained from the workshop series we’ve been running.

Recruitment of a project leader has been launched, they will be placed in Alnarp and affiliated with the Division of Infrastructure (Facilities and Projects Unit). Important first steps of this project include a meeting with faculty management and the architect procured by Akademiska hus on 23 March, as well as discussions with departments about their financial strength this spring. The long-term objective is to make the investments needed for our future work and campus, but such a project mustn’t be too expensive in relation to our operations and activities.

Campus development will progress, including how to ensure irrigation for our trial fields, a structure plan for the area that comprises materials from previous investigations such as clear maps and a consultation paper from the Swedish Transport Administration on the planned railway. More information is available on the staff web pages.

Dialogue with university management

On 13 April, university management will visit Alnarp for the annual dialogue with the LTV Faculty. This will be a full-day event and focus on follow-up of operations; quality enhancement activities in research, doctoral studies and undergraduate/Master’s studies, and the faculty’s contribution to SLU’s and our own strategy and operational plan. The day will finish off with a study visit.

Input on the food strategy

There is an opportunity, through SLU Future Food, to contribute input on the government’s updated food strategy.

The current strategy was adopted in 2017. The overall objectives include a competitive food chain where total food production increases at the same time as the relevant national environmental objectives are met and sustainable growth and employment are created throughout the country. The purpose of updating the strategy is to increase focus on reducing vulnerability in times of crisis, but also to increase competitiveness, profitability, production and sustainability.

The faculty’s financial report

The faculty’s financial report for 2022 shows an increased turnover and increased use of capital, a positive sign that we’re putting our money to use. Formas and the Swedish Research Council remain our main research funding bodies, but we also see increased funding from the Swedish Board of Agriculture, the Swedish Farmers’ Foundation for Agricultural Research and the EU. We’ve seen a continued influx of funding, however, this means that unused grants and contracts receivable are growing, something to be aware of in times of inflation. For undergraduate and Master’s studies, we see reduced commissions to departments, but performance means funding will not be reduced to the same extent. The number of fee-funded students is also rising. If you have questions about the financial report, please contact Andreas Fredlund, our faculty financial officer.

In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, work continues in boards and working groups, e.g. on the review of subject fields, strategic investments at the faculty and skills provision.

All in all, there’s a lot going on and the LTV Faculty is doing well! We have all reason to be proud of what we do.

Wishing you all a pleasant spring,

Margit Nothnagl, head of faculty administration, LTV Faculty


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