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1. What is meant by system perspective? Is it related to system theory, or is it rather meant to denote a holistic approach?

The second alternative is correct, i.e. a holistic approach where different perspectives (natural and social sciences, humanities etc.) are taken into account.


2. What type of costs can the seed money for the interdisciplinary and thematic research projects be used for?

The seed money are primarily to be used for salaries of employees at the LTV faculty. They cannot be used to cover salaries for employees at other SLU faculties, or at any other university or organisation. The money can to some extent be used for other type of expenses, e.g. consultant costs, analysis performed by an external part, and consumables. However, it should be clearly motivated in the application why such costs have to be covered by the seed money.


3. Is it correct that the evaluation is all internal for the interdisciplinary and thematic research projects call, i.e. that no external evaluation is used?

Yes, the evaluation in step 1 is carried out by a review panel consisting of the dean, deputy dean, research officer, vice dean for doctoral education, head of faculty administration and the faculty board’s member of the working committee of the faculty board. In step 2, the faculty board decides which of the complete applications will be granted funding based on suggestions from the review panel. So far, the assessment has been that the negative consequences of introducing an external review (such as prolongation of the process and increased costs) are worse than the benefits that would be gained.


4. In the assessment criteria for the associate senior lecturer call it says that applications including more than one department will be prioritised. How could one position belong to more than one department?

This is a misinterpretation. The associate senior lecturer will be employed at one department and thus formally belong there. Which department this is should be clearly stated in the application. However, the application should be equally clear about how the subject and focus of the associate senior lecturer interact with areas of expertise at different departments in order to solve questions that require an interdisciplinary and/or system perspective approach.


5. I have already a permanent position at the faculty, could I still apply for any of the positions as associate senior lecturer?

Yes, the positions as associate senior lecturer will be announced and handled as all other such positions. This means that the appointment board of the faculty will manage the process, and the position will be open for all possible applicants (internal as well as external).


6. Are there any time restrictions for applicants to be eligible for any of the positions as associate senior lecturer?

No, there are no definite time restrictions. However, the appointment board will follow the writings in the Higher Education Ordinance: "Primary consideration should be given to a person who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise within five years of the deadline for application for employment as an associate senior lecturer." (chapter 4, section 4a).


7. How many pages should the application for associate senior lecturer comprehend?

The applications are expected to comprehend about three pages in order to cover all the five point that are to be included according to the instructions.


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