In case of emergency

Last changed: 10 January 2022

Emergency situations are situations where damage to people or premises has or is likely to arise.

Emergency stations

In Alnarpsgården's library and in Agricum's corridors there are rescue stations deployed on the walls. At these rescue stations there are evacuation plans, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and first aid equipment.


There are a number of cardiac difribillators deployed on campus (see map below). Should anyone suffer a cardiac arrest, the defribrillator may be used in conjunction with "mouth-to-mouth" rescusitation up until the emergency service is in place. The difribrillator helps provide step by step help throughout the course of such an emergency.

Familiarise yourself with the area in which you work so you can be prepared should the need arise!

Fire assembly

When the fire alarm sounds, buildings will be evacuated. Once you have left the premises, look for an assembly point for the building you are in. This is shown in the evacuation plan for each building (see map below).


Campus security Alnarp
acute requests under evening, night time and weekends:
Tel: 040-41 50 70

Other times:

SLU security:
Mats Svensson, 040-41 50 33